Arrowverse 90 Stargirl Dies

We've mentioned before that Stargirl has appeared in live-action, actually twice before. The first of which was in Smallville where Clark discovered the Justice Society of America. The second time was on Legends of Tomorrow where the Legends met the Justice Society of America. It is this version, at least that we can tell, that Stargirl has died on Earth 90, (named for the Flash's show from 1990). Many DC TV fans know that the Elseworlds crossover is almost upon us and tonight's episode of Supergirl showed us a world where only John Wesley Shipp's Flash survives the reality altering powers of The Monitor and his mysterious book. Stargirl wasn't the only hero to fall. Among the dead was Smallville's Green Arrow, Hawkman and Wildcat, (best we can tell). What makes this so interesting, is that the Justice Society of America, which Courtney is destined to reform on DC Universe, has failed in protecting Earth 90. For those that missed it check out the video below and let us know if you see any other heroes in the wreckage. Let us hope that Brec Bassinger's Courtney will fare better in 2019!

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