DC's Stargirl Frenemies Ch 11 "The Haunting" Recap

Last week's shocking episode has us still on our heals. We know from season 1 that Icicle is a terrorist and extremely scary. He kills anyone that is in his way. Seeing what he did to the Crocks was heartbreaking and we are desperate to see Stargirl to put him back in his place. We don't think that Sylvester will be able to conquer him, he's got too much anger in him. Curious, in true Courtney fashion, can she bring Icicle around to the good side? Personally, we think Icicle is too far gone. Maybe only his son can show him a way forward without all the anger in his heart! Time to find out where we are going with these last three episodes, here's what stood out to us:

  1. One Year Ago: We go back a year ago to see how Jordan survived being hit by the car in season 1. All the water that was his ice collected slowly in the sewer. Courtney assembles the JSA to put together a plan to recruit the Mahkents to take on The Ultrahumanite. Artemis arrives to ask if they have seen her parents. Jordan returns to his home to find his parents. Cameron is the last to see him and is cautious. 
  2. Snow Globes: Jordan explains to his family where he's been. It took him a long time to reform. Jordan explains why they kept Cameron out of the ISA. Jordan reveals it was Mike who killed him, he says he's forgiven all the JSA because they believed what they were doing was right. Jordan reveals his powers are stronger now. Cameron is still on the fence. Jordan says he wants peace. Artemis goes to investigate a signal from her dad's mask with the help of the JSA. They discover the remains of Crusher and Paula. Artemis is devastated. Pat and Barbara are informed about the Crocks just as Jordan reveals himself to be back at The American Dream. 
  3. I Saw You Die: Barbara and Jordan go to her office to explain how he's back. Jordan seems to know everything from his surveillance. He offers to help fight the Ultrahumanite. Barbara knows he killed the Crocks yet Jordan persists he is a changed man. Courtney explains to Sylvester that Icicle is back and he is pissed. He burns the barn that hid The Ultrahumanite to the ground. 
  4. Hot Head: Sylvester has lost control. With Icicle back, he is losing his mind. Sylvester has made it his solo mission to take out Icicle. Cameron goes to Courtney's house to speak with her. Cameron thinks that the "self defense" line Jordan is saying is true. Courtney wonders if Jordan sent Cameron there to speak with her. He denies it. 
  5. All Stars At Work: Jakeem and Mike think about a wish they can cast to help. They tried to wish Jordan would lose his powers. Taking away his powers will kill him so he can't do the wish. Cindy returns to help the All Stars. Courtney runs into Jordan on the streets of Blue Valley. Jordan makes his pitch to team up. Courtney points out all the murders he's done and she can't forget it. She remains unsure who to trust.  

In the final wrap up moments, Zhongshan ponders next steps in front of his snow globes. Artemis paces in her room unsure what to do with her parents being dead. Barbara goes to check on Artemis knowing she is all alone. She offers to let Artemis stay with them. Yolanda calls her mom to hear her voice since Artemis can't. Sylvester, Pat and Courtney meet. Sylvester wants to go after Icicle. Courtney doesn't answer. Icicle and Ultrahumanite seem to be working together! Check out a preview for the next episode, Nov 30th below:

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