DC's Stargirl Series Final Recap

We are grateful and disappointed in the same breath. We know that one day while filming season one, Luke Wilson walked into Geoff Johns' office and looked at the story boards he had up. Luke commented, "Wow we're going to cover all that this season"? Geoff said, "no, that's through six seasons"! As we saw last episode, he had surprises waiting for us at least three years in the making! It's so unfortunate we won't know where the other three seasons would have gone. That said, Geoff saw the writing on the wall and prepared to give us a series level season finale just in case. That episode is exactly what we got tonight! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Nine Months Ago: We find out nine months ago Sylvester was dug up and his mind was his own. They horridly removed it for the Ultrahumanite to use. The JSA start to figure out that Sylvester isn't working for them, but against them. At the Mahkents, Icicle tells his son that Pat is dead. Cameron tells Courtney where to find Starman. He lies on behalf of his father. Thankfully Pat is able to dig himself out of his grave!
  2. The Tire Factory: The JSA, Young All Stars and Icicle's team all arrive at the tire factory. Courtney doesn't believe Icicle but does believe Cameron. Just then Pat arrives in STRIPE! Dragon King arrives and Cindy and the Young All Stars engage them in battle all at the tire yard.
  3. Starman vs STRIPE: The Ultrahumanite targets Pat in STRIPE. The JSA take on the Mahkents. Dr. Midnite and Grandpa Mahkents agree to not fight and form a truce. Grandma Mahkents threatens to kill Grandpa if he doesn't fight but a car falls on her. Hakeem wishes the most beautiful woman in the world wouldn't be bothered by her dad ever again and turns Dragon King into a plushie. Icicle gives Courtney one chance to join them and Barbara shoots him in the neck with an arrow. Cameron turns on his dad when he tries to kill Courtney. Stargirl and Starman face off and she claims the staff her own, revoking Starman's ability to use it. Pat and Ultrahumanite fight hand to hand and Courtney goes to take on Icicle after he threatens to kill his son. Given no choice, Cameron evaporates his father. 
  4. Cosmo Chooses Old Faithful: Cosmo decides to live in his old crate now. Pat reveals he heard what Courtney said about him and being a good dad. Rick asks for forgiveness from his blockheadedness. Beth also apologizes for pushing her parents away. We find out that the Ultrahumanite has had a brain bleed so he is braindead. Turns out Sylvester's brain does still exist!
  5. Mike Meet's his Mother: Mike goes to the diner to meet his mom. Barbara and Pat wait for him outside the diner. Courtney tracks down The Gambler's daughter and delivers his message. Rick goes to Grundy's grave. Just as he says he misses Grundy, his arm bursts from the ground!

In the final wrap up moments of the series, we join the JSA at the Whitmore Dugan house for a large family dinner. Yolanda decides to tell her mom the truth about her. The truth seems to have brought everyone closer together. Courtney on her walk home visits Cameron and he appears to her. He asks her for help and they hug. Three months later in Denmark, we see that Icicle is still alive! Turns out that Artemis has set a trap for him and she burns him to death! Ten years from now, The Shade is seen giving a tour of the JSA headquarters. The Flash arrives and recruits The Shade as another battle is yet to come!

... and with that, we bid farewell to Stargirl! There are big rumors that Stargirl will appear on Titans season 4 and we'll be looking out for that for sure, but as for the show, this is farewell. Our sincerest thanks to the cast, the crew, and Geoff Johns! This show brought back the superhero wonder that Superman with Christopher Reeve brought. It had scarier villains than most superheros shows with Brainwave and Icicle being ruthless murders! Eclipso being evil encarnate, and back-from-the-dead Ultrahumanite, Dragon King and Icicle reborn! The show set out to bring back superhero wonder and Brec Bassinger's Courtney Whitmore was pure joy. She was superhero inspiration we sorely needed, especially during a pandemic. We always had a shock or smile at the end of every episode. Stargirl was truly a cut above every other superhero show in the market and it will be sorely missed. Thank you to our users for letting us go on this journey with you.

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