DC's Stargirl Frenemies Chapter 12 Recap

Only two episodes remain for DC's Stargirl and we are so excited to see them while equally bummed out that this is so close to the end of the series. The CW's new vision for the future doesn't seem to include big budget superhero shows and that led to the decision not to renew for a season 4. But still, after last week's episode, we learned the chilling reality that the Ultrahumanite and Icicle seem to be working together and with the two teamed up, there hasn't been a bigger threat to Blue Valley since Eclipso! How will the young All Stars handle their new teammate? Which side will Cameron pick? Only two episodes left, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Decades Ago: We open on Deloris accepting an award for her movie. At this point it seems that the Ultrahumanite has taken her body and escaped the JSA. Deloris is hit on by a man that has seen through her deception and she kills him for it. Dragon King then arrives to visit Deloris. She is being hunted by the JSA and wants a new body to run from them. We see the pair develop the plan to make Ultrahumanite in his current form. Barbara, Courtney and Pat all agree that Icicle has to be stopped. He didn't kill the Crocks in self-defense. Sylvester has gone rogue and Artemis mourns her parents at the gym. Sylvester shows up at the Gym and tells Artemis not to kill Icicle but to go to college, because he is going to kill Jordan himself. 
  2. Rick Addicted: Rick is struggling to take off the hourglass. When he does he seems to have immediate withdrawals. Sylvester joins the JSA minus Courtney and Rick to tell them he is going to take on Jordan. Sylvester asks that Wildcat and Dr. Midnite recruit more. Let the JSA live again through new mantles of his old friends. The Young All Stars claim the old ISA base as their own. Jakeem makes a wish on a whim to help Cindy.
  3. Jordan and Cameron: Cameron tells his dad that he needs to prove that his intentions are good. Jordan suggests that if he can bring in the Ultrahumanite by himself he'll win Courtney's trust. Starman loses it on Pat when the staff wasn't back at home. They don't want to let Starman face Icicle alone. Sylvester calls Pat not a hero and blames him for his death. Courtney overhears everything. She stands up for Pat. Courtney says Starman isn't her hero anymore, Pat Dugan is. Starman calls the staff from Courtney and tells her she isn't worthy of the staff.
  4. The JSA: The team assembles at Courtney's. They are shocked that he stole the staff. The Young All Stars arrive in a location where they can find answers. Sylvester blasted STRIPE before he left with the staff. Pat talks with Zeke about what Sylvester is doing. He suggests that he is lying to protect them. He'd rather have the team hate him then let them get hurt. Pat has an idea for STRIPE.
  5. Rick Needs Help: The team sets out to look for Rick but he is already there at the door. He needs help. Pat heads to Jordan's with STRIPE's flamethrower. Cindy finds her dad's lab. Someone's been working in it. Pat finds Starman and reveals he is trying to make things right for the old JSA. Starman didn't mean what he said to the team. The young All Stars find the body of Dragon King. It turns out he put his brain in The Ultrahumanite. Just then Starman hits Pat on the head knocking him out. The Ultrahumanite is actually in Starman's body this whole time! He is aligned with Jordan!

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Cindy helps the Young All Stars escape new Dragon King. The JSA work on helping Rick. They note that it was Sylvester who told Rick to take off the limiter. Pat awakes in a grave. Starman/Ultrahumanite is slowly burying him. Pat pleads with Starman/Ultrahumanite not to end it like this. The Ultrahumanite reveals he did years of research on Pat and Starman to take on his "role". We go back through many scenes this season and see how Sylvester has actually been sabbotoging the JSA. Sylvester/Ultrahumanite leaves Pat buried alive! Check out the trailer for the series finale below:

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