DC's Stargirl Ch 9 "Infinity Inc Pt 2" Recap

Here we are again Stargirl Family! Another all new episode of DC's Stargirl coming our way! Tonight's episode is the second part of Infinity Inc. As we left off last episode, Starman is leading the JSA and the team has worked to get all the cameras in Blue Valley disconnected. Meanwhile, The Shade has obducted Courtney and with her, Pat and they are working with Jade, Green Lantern's daughter to save her brother who has dark powers similar to The Shade. Their attempt to free him forced Pat and The Shade into the Shadowlands where they are trapped. Courtney and Jenny remain at The Helix Society with Mr. Bones! Now on to the next adventure, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Shadowlands: Pat and The Shade are stuck in the Shadowlands. They can't get out because The Shade is still affected by Green Lantern's energy. Back at the Helix clinic, Todd is able to take control of his powers. All the cell doors are opened though and the inmates can get out.
  2. Locked in the Office: Courtney has been locked in an office at the Helix Institute. Nurse Love opens the door and confronts Courtney. We are warned that Todd could swallow the Earth in shadow. Back in the Shadowlands, The Shade lays out the rules of the Shadowland to Pat. They enter the diner where The Shade is faced with his guilt about his sister. The Gambler himself delivers the hurtful words. They leave the diner and arrive at the Garage where Pat sees his father.
  3. Jenny Caged: Jenny is placed in a room that will suppress her green energy. Todd is placed back in the room where he is being taught to control his powers. Pat is challenged by his father. Pat and the Shade leave only to enter another nightmare. Pat tells The Shade that Courtney survived here because she faced the shadows, not run from them. 
  4. Mister Bones: Mr. Bones makes his appearance. He explains that unlike the members of the JSA, Helix patients are unable turn off their powers. They have to live with them daily. Courtney speculates that the light that Todd needs is Jenny's light. While Helix wants to keep them apart, Courtney makes the point that together they can control Todd's darkness. 
  5. Brother and Sister Gamble: Mr. Bones allows Courtney to test her plan. In the Shadowland, Pat is attacked by his father again. Tells him that his son Mike wants to be noticed by him. Todd and Jenny meet and the light and dark swirl around them. The dark energy in Jenny's ring is pulled out and put back into Todd.  This also expels the Shade and Pat from the Shadowland.

In the final wrap up moments, we find out that Helix helps people, the patients can leave anytime they want. It is also revealed that they aren't the ones spying on the town. Mr. Bones thinks that isolation may not be what they need. They think of making a team of their own, Infinity Inc. Pat encourages The Shade to take up mentorship with Todd. Todd, Jenny and The Shade head to New York to find Sandman's son. Courtney is self-assured that her help is needed and she doesn't want to give up on Stargirl anymore. Have a look at a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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