DC's Stargirl Chapter 6 "The Betrayal" Recap

Welcome back Stargirl family! Tonight's all new episode is Chapter Six "The Betrayal"! That title alone has us guessing someone is going to turn on Courtney. Could it be the JSA because of all the time she is spending with Cameron? Could it be one of the reformed villains? We'll find out tonight for sure! In the photos for this episode, we see Pat and Barbara sitting on an old style couch. Two heads are seen on either side, could this be The Dugan/Whitmores meeting with Cameron's Grandparents? Talk about an awkward situation, your grandson is dating the girl that killed your son basically and you have to meet her parents? Yikes! Well let's jump into it, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Lizard Queen: Cindy is continuing to change into more of a lizard-like creature. Rick goes to test the hourglass without the limiter to see if he really can be super strong all the time. It turns out he can! Wildcat goes to church to get advice on what she knows and what she plans to do. She isn't asking for forgiveness for whats she's done, but what she's going to do. Starman joins the family for breakfast and goes to update Courtney but she already left and is with Cameron to work with his powers. He has good control of his powers now. He makes an ice sculpture of his dad.
  2. All Stars Recruiting: Mike and Jakeem go to Cindy's house to see if they can try and recruit her again. Cindy slams the door in their face. The JSA meets without Courtney. Yolanda shares what she learned. Beth is going to download all the info on the Gambler's laptop and then they are going to put it back so they don't tip off Cindy. Pat and Barbara go to visit the Mahkents to see if they are going to be ok with Courtney and Cameron dating. The two pairs have a very awkward conversation. The grandma wants to kill them, but the grandpa hold her back.
  3. Zeek the Love Doctor: Jakeem and Mike go to the diner to meet with Zeek to get advice about Cindy. Zeek admits he is in love with Maria at the Diner. The agreement the grandparents reach is that "As long as Courtney and Cameron are happy, they will be happy". Basically the Mahkents will pause any vengence against them. This episode shows us more of the secret person watching everyone in Blue Valley! He's making a puzzle with a black skull.
  4. Beth's Parents: Beth's parents still try and be in her superheroing life but Beth is steadfast. Wildcat arrives to sneak the laptop back into Cindy's place. Back at Courtney's place, Cameron has dropped off flowers as a thank you for helping him learn his ice. Wildcat returns the laptop but is caught by Cindy. Wildcat and Cindy have an epic battle in the bedroom. The Battle spills out onto the street. The hidden feed that Beth detects shows her the two fighting and she calls in Courtney to stop it. Hourman arrives to join the fight as well. Courtney arrives and breaks up the fight. Cindy admits that she is changing. She stole the laptop to try and find more of Dragon King's labs so she can stop the changes that are happening to her. Cindy tells the team that Courtney has been training Cameron and they are upset.
  5. The Betrayal: The team feels betrayed by Courtney. She chose Cameron over them. Courtney has lost the trust of her team and she hands over the role of leader to Sylvester. Sylvester goes to talk with Courtney. They agree they are a lot alike, the line between Courtney and Stargirl is blurry. Sylvester tells the story of his sister. Sylvester admits the only family he had left was Henry. Sylvester says not to worry about the others, he'll talk to them! Pat listens in on Sylvester's great advice.

In the final wrap up moments, Courtney goes to Pat. She wonders if he'll pile on her but he gives her a break. Beth arrives at Courtney's place to let them know about the surveillance. They find the feed and realize they've been monitored this whole time! The episode ends with a look at that black skull puzzle! Catch a peek at next week's all new episode below:

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