DC's Stargirl Frenemies Ch 10 "The Killer" Recap

There are only four precious few episodes remaining for The CW's Stargirl. The show, originally meant for DC Universe streaming service got the attention of former CW president Mark Pedowitz who asked to air the show concurrently with the one time streaming service. With the streaming service melting into HBO Max, it was The CW that took ownership of the show for the second season. Unfortunately it would only be a couple of years until The CW was sold and its new leadership doesn't want "million dollar projects" which boggles our minds. Pending a Christmas miracle, an HBO Max pick up hasn't been hinted at. So again with heavy hearts, lets jump into what stood out to us about the possible fourth to last episode of DC's Stargirl:

  1. The Crocks: The Crocks have really taken to their new good life style. They are known in the community and participate in the city. The Crocks contemplate revenge on the Mahkents for their fight against The JSA. Pat and his family are their people now. Mike and Jakeem wish for phone service and they instead get a phone booth but no dime to use it. They are still being chased by the ape monster. The JSA ponders how to find Mike and Jakeem. The Mahkents stay by Grandpa's bed. Grandma Mahkent tells Cameron to go find Courtney.
  2. Hourman is Addicted: The hourglass has been going for too long and Rick is addicted to it's power. Pat and Sylvester go to the Mahkents to see if they can find Mike and see if they can smooth things over. The Grandpa is not as nice this time but lets them go. He says leave Blue Valley or come at them proper as they won't tolerate attacks. 
  3. Grandma Mahkent Visits: The Grandma arrives at the Whitmore Dugan house to kill Barbara, but Tigress is there to chase her off. Jakeem and Mike run into Cindy who is hunting the Ape Monster to clear her name and get back into the JSA. Jakeem and Mike offer to help but she vanishes when they turn around. They wish to be back at the diner and it works! They need to tell the JSA what they found. 
  4. Tigress the Teacher: Paula teaches Barbara how to use a crossbow. Courtney and Cameron meet at the park to explain everything. Cameron wants to know who killed his father. He wants justice. To protect Mike, Courtney says she killed Jordan. Cameron tells Courtney he never wants to see her again. 
  5. Paula and Crusher Peacekeepers: Paula and Crusher go to the Mahkents to see if they can work it out with them. It doesn't go well as they say they will never forgive the people who killed their son. Mike and Jakeem get back to the garage. They tell Pat and Sylvester what they saw and they instantly know who or what the monster is.

In the final wrap up moments, Paula and Crusher are still trying to convince the Mahkents. It seems to work as the Grandpa chooses forgiveness. The Grandma is unsure. The JSA debrief and give us a name of the monster. The Ultrahumanite! After being found out that his brain was in an actress, The Ultrahumanite built a body that could take on The JSA. The Ape Monster. Courtney suggests that her quest to bring everyone together has led to this. Bringing together the JSA, the Crocks and now even The Mahkents. Artemis calls, she has gotten a scholarship to be a college quarterback. The Crocks find propaganda messages against them that lead underground. They find the monitoring station underground. Jordan Mahkent is revealed and he freezes the Crocks ... to Death! Take a look at a preview of next week's all new episode below:

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