DC's Stargirl Frenemies Ch 9 "The Monsters" Recap

Wow. Writing this episode recap has taken on a whole different kind of feeling this week. When usually we could look to the bright shining future of Stargirl and the wonderfully crafted show about a new generation of heroes, we are taken a back knowing that this recap is one of only five remaining recaps we get to do. As we shared previously, The CW has not renewed the show for a fourth season which is boggling our minds. There isn't much else to do but to look at what the show has taught us and echo Brec's own word's "Things happen for a reason" and we will trust that the remaining 5 episodes will continue to warm us and shower us in hope as only Stargirl can. Here's what stood out to us on DC's Stargirl "The Monsters".

  1. Grandma Icicle: Cameron's Grandma isn't dealing well with Cameron doing art again. She believes his duty is to family. Pat and Courtney return home. Pat is clearly affected from his time in the Shadowlands. Courtney goes to speak with Yolanda. The two forgive each other instantly. Pat debriefs Barbara about what happened in the Shadowlands. We find out more about Mike's mom. She was a drug user and Pat got full custody. Barbara suggests to Pat to let Mike see his mom. Jakeem and Mike share a meal at the diner. Jakeem wants to help Cindy with the Thunderbolt. Cameron's art teacher goes to meet with him and instead finds his grandparents. The teacher pleads for Cameron's art to be restored. Shockingly the grandmother kills him out of nowhere. 
  2. Maggie Shaw: Pat does a search for Mike's mom. Crusher comes in and offers to hear Pat's story. Meanwhile Sylvester and Beth are hunting down a lead in Utah. Courtney apologizes to the team. She also reveals she wants to tell Cameron everything. Yolanda supports the choice but Rick is not happy. Rick decides to go along with it. He sees the JSA as his family. 
  3. Ripped City: Paula takes Barbara to the gym to teach her how to fight. Barbara doesn't like violence so she doesn't hit the bag but she calls Paula her friend. Paula has never been called that before and she is shocked. Jakeem and Mike break into Cindy's locker to get a lead on where she might be. Courtnrey goes to Cameron's to tell him the truth.
  4. 24 Hour Rick: Rick is showing instability signs having the hourglass on all the time. Beth sees the signal is bouncing into the Mahkent residence. Just as Courtney starts to explain, the grandmother bursts in stopping her. Then Rick bursts in now that the signal is routing to The Mahkents. The grandma is now ready to kill the JSA members that killed her son.
  5. Battle at The Mahkents: Hourman takes on Cameron, Yolanda goes after the grandparents, Beth follows. She takes on the grandpa and finds out she's got combat mode on her goggles. As Hourman and Cameron go at it, Dr. Midnite is aided by Sportsmaster's daughter! Icicle Junior is encouraged to kill Hourman as the grandma tells him the JSA killed his dad. The Grandpa pleads for Cameron not to kill, he is having a heart attack! Beth's gloves have a defibulater in them and Beth is able to revive the grandpa with the aid of her mom on the phone. The fighting comes to an end with everyone concerned for Hourman and the grandpa.

In the final wrap up moments, Mike and Jakeem got to the lair Cindy had circled. They don't find Cindy but instead find a monster. Catch a first look at next week's all new episode down below:

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