DC's Stargirl Infinity Inc Part 1 Recap

Well here we go Stargirl family, tonight's all new episode is part one of the "Infinity Inc" two-part series. Infinity Inc refers to a comic books series where Alan Scott's children (Green Lantern's children) apply for membership in the JSA but are turned down. They go on to form their own group called Infinity Inc and in the comic, actually end up saving the JSA when they are turned evil by the Ultrahumanite. Also in the comics, it's interesting to note that after a Crisis event, a new Hourman, Dr. Midnite and Wildcat join the team, the actual origin for Beth, Rick and Yolanda as we see on our JSA today! How much of Infinity Inc's episode played from the comics? Let's find out, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Six Months Ago: Todd, Jenny’s brother is out with his boyfriend. They have broken into a hotel that is closed so that they can share a proper meal. We find out that when Jenny took the ring, it also unlocked dark powers in Todd. This leads to Todd being found by agents of the Helix house and he is taken to them. Todd is taken into Helix where he meets Nurse Love and Mister Bones.
  2. Being Monitored: With the knowledge that they are being monitored, the family share a very awkward dinner. Beth is actively working on the monitoring situation. Yolanda gets caught that she isn't working late shifts. Beth kills the power to the whole city so that they can hunt down the cameras and destroy them. The whole JSA go to work finding and destroying cameras. The Shade returns and says he needs Courtney. He takes her but also Pat is able to follow.
  3. Yolanda: Yolanda stands up to her mother but she wants her phone or she has to leave the house. Mike discovers Pat and Courtney are gone. The Shade's powers are being messed up. Only Jenny can seem to fix him. Jenny reveals she's found her brother and he needs their help!
  4. Helix Institute: Todd is at the Helix facility. He is being held as a prisoner. The Shade has been taking in some of the emerald energy that Jenny has. She needs to sever the darkness that was trapped in her ring. Courtney thinks that if they can save Todd, Jenny can expel whatever is in her ring. 
  5. Wrong Wish: Jakeem wishes for the cameras to be taken out but the wish backfires. Barbara and Mike look for Courtney and Pat when someone knocks on the door. Yolanda has been kicked out of her house and she asks to stay with Courtney's family. Hourman is abusing his power now that the limiter is off. The power turns back on as Rick smashes the last camera.

In the final wrap up moments, The Shade, Courtney, Jenny and Pat enter to find Todd. Jenny burns the code lock. They attempt to get Todd out but he says if he leaves this room he'll destroy the world. The machine in the room breaks and Todd's powers are unleashed. He sends Pat and The Shade to a black and white world. The Shadowlands! Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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