DC's Stargirl S3 Ch 4 "The Evidence" Recap

In the words of Sylvester Pemberton, "Welcome back Star family". Reminder that next week will be a rerun of the season premiere. Before we hop into tonight's all new episode, our very own Brec Bassinger broke some very interesting news on her social media yesterday. It looks like Titans and Stargirl are going to have a crossover. Brec posted an image of herself, Geoff Johns and Ryan Potter who plays Beast Boy on that show all together and she was in her Stargirl costume. There must be something going on there and we are excited for it! Now looking back to Blue Valley, we re-examine the evidence! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Cameron is Thinking of Courtney: We open with Cameron looking at snow globes, one that has a blonde girl in it very similar to Courtney. He shakes it but then his powers take over and it is frozen and shattered. Cameron's grandparents assure him he'll soon learn to control his powers. The staff senses that Sylvester is in trouble and wakes Courtney up to find Starman unconcious. Pat and Courtney monitor Sylvester at the hospital, Beth's mom is is taking care of Sylvester. We find out that Yolanda's father lost his job and the only reason she is allowed to work is to help the family. Sylvester wakes up in the hospital, being hit from behind, he doesn't know who attacked him. Pat calls in the original Dr. Midnite to help.
  2. Dr. Midnite: The OG Doc examines Sylvester. The staff gave its energy to Sylvester to save his life. His body processes the cosmic energy from the staff. We learn Dr. McNiter is happy in his new role. He has a son and is opening a clinic. He is overjoyed that Beth has taken up his mantle. The JSA return to the crime scene to look for new clues. Beth finds one skin cell. Whoever it belongs to must have attacked Sylvester.
  3. Cameron's Art: Cameron can't paint anymore while he is learning to control his powers. His grandparents take his art to storage. Sylvester returns home discharged from the hospital. The skin cell is not human. The two Dr. Midnites work on the cell and think the cell belongs to The Dragon King! The JSA think the killer could be the Dragon King and look to warn Cindy. Cindy is MIA at school though, she looks to be going through some changes. Jakeem and Mike meet in the bathroom to try and solve who the killer is. They are going to take STRIPE and search the tunnels by wishing for a key to it. It backfires and the room is filled with keys. Barbara's boss is being nice to her after Paula visited. Crusher comes over with a peace offering. Pat, Sylvester and Crusher bond over a cowboy movie. Cameron shows Courtney his powers after she offers to help teach him to control his ice.
  4. Courtney and Cameron: With Cameron revealing his powers, Courtney is cautious to reveal her secrets. Cameron doesn't know how his father was killed. Sylvester and Pat retreat from Crusher for a bit and discuss Starman's future. He is considering hanging it all up. Pat tells him he should be a mentor to the new generation of the JSA. Pat shows Sylvester that he remade his old Starman costume!

In the final closing moments, Rick and Yolanda arrive at Courtney's place to share the lead about Dragon King. With Courtney being with Cameron, Starman leads the JSA into the tunnels. Courtney asks if Cameron can express his art through his ice. He is surprised at how calm Courtney is with all this. Courtney passes on the lessons she learned from Sylvester to Cameron and he is able to use his powers safely. The pair finally share their first kiss. Down in the tunnels we see that Cindy is growing scales like her father had on her upper arm. Is Cindy the killer? Check out a preview for the next all new episode below:

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