DC's Stargirl S3 Ep 5 "The Thief" Recap

After a week off, we're back with an all new episode of DC's Stargirl! With Starman now back in the JSA, Courtney's absence is being filled with Sylvester's leadership. The team is quick to notice he has a hot head and that can get them into trouble unnecessarily. The level-headed Courtney, however, is spending more and more time with her new "boyfriend", maybe, Cameron Mahkent. While Cameron doesn't know she is Stargirl, she is using the lessons she's learned controling the cosmic staff, to help him control his newly found ice powers. There is potential for some very serious awkwardness between the two, will it come to pass? Let's jump in, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Five Days Ago: We go back to the scene of the crime and we see how Cindy was able to get the laptop before the JSA arrived. The changes going on with her arm make her accidentally fire the gun which drew the team to her. Going back to the present, Cameron walked Courtney home. This was right after their kiss last episode. Pat is shocked that Courtney is fine with Sylvester leading the JSA. Cindy finally breaks into The Gambler's laptop. The JSA arrive and Cindy escapes just in time. Sylvester loses his temper when he sees the ISA painting and blasts it with the staff.
  2. Polishing Silver: Sylvester can't sleep. He needs to feel useful and so he chooses to polish the silverware. He's aware that he isn't setting a good example for the new JSA. Mike and Sylvester share a moment in the morning. Sylvester thanks Mike for getting Justice for him from Icicle. Dragon King has hidden labs across the country. Sylvester offers to wait until after school but Courtney is fine with him doing it. She is more interested in Cameron. Mike and Jakeem get approached by bullies but Cindy is there to save them. This gives Mike the idea to recruit Cindy to their team.
  3. Dragon King's Lair: Starman heads to a known Dragon King lair. He calls Beth to hack the code while she is taking a test. Starman is in the lair searching for clues. Pat and Barbara have a weekday lunch date. Pat asks what's going on with Courtney and her mom already knows it's because she has a crush. Their date is interupted by Crusher and Paula. They tell that they investigated the crime as well. The Gambler payed back everyone he took money from. Courtney and Cindy pair up for a chemistry project. She asks for Cindy's advice on Cameron. She feels guilty about his dad.
  4. Operation Dragon Queen: Mike and Jakeem ask Cindy to join them in solving the Gambler crime. She laughed them off before they could tell her the perks. At lunch, the team discusses JSA business but Courtney is distracted by Cameron. The team doesn't like her hanging with Cameron because of his dad. Courtney says that he isn't like her dad anymore than she is like hers. Cindy goes to test Cameron and she sees that his powers are active.
  5. Picking Sides: The team meets with Sylvester to talk about Courtney. He points to his choice to kill Bruce Gordon and that broke the team apart. There should never be sides on a team. Beth gets a call from her parents but she is annoyed. Since family members can be at risk, she considers her next move. Cindy goes to tell Courtney that Cameron has powers. Rick continues to work on fixing the hourglass. Sylvester helps Rick with the hourglass and suggests there is something wrong with the limiter.

In the final wrap up moments, Beth asks her parents to not help her superheroing, this is to protect them. Rick finds the limiter and takes it out of the hourglass. Cindy goes to the Dragon King lair to look for answers. Yolanda goes to investigate Cindy and finds that she has The Gambler's laptop! Courtney and Cameron have a date night by the fire. His powers are more under control now.  Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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