DC's Stargirl "The Blackmail" Recap

Greetings Stargirl family! Welcome back to another all new episode of our favorite show! Two housekeeping items before we jump in. The first is that September 28th is going to be a rerun of the season 3 opener. Secondly, our friends at Stargirl Aftershow were able to learn a vital piece of information about this season. As many of you know, the CW is in a transition phase and it is not known if Stargirl will get a fourth season. Tweet #RenewStargirl, to show your support. That said, Geoff Johns, Executive Producer, creator, and showrunner, saw that this upheaval was coming and as a safety net, did wrap up this season in a meaningful way in case there isn't a fourth season. That said, he has plans for up to six and we certainly want to see that happen! Please show your support on social media with the #RenewStargirl to help us get another season. Now for "The Blackmail":

  1. Sylvester in Blue Valley: Sylvester takes some time to explore what it's like in Blue Valley and see what he's like when he isn't being Starman. At the Diner, Sylvester tells Yolanda that Ted would have loved her as the new Wildcat. Back at the Star family home, Courtney has made the family breakfast. Just when Pat makes a move for the waffles, the Crocks walk in and deliver a "healthy" breakfast instead. Beth and Rick are driving when the goggles pick up an unknown transmission. It looks like the Gambler was blackmailing someone. Turns out it was Cindy with the Gambler's computer sending the lead to Beth. Cindy is trying to break into his files on The Dragon King!
  2. Cindy at School: Cindy checks in with Courtney who now knows that The Gambler was blackmailing someone. Courtney goes to say hello to Cameron who gives her an icy no response. Paula intercepts Barbara at The American Dream. She has a problem because her cake was a hit and now she has to give a speech at the rotary club. At the Pitstop, Sylvester looks for a job while Pat and Zeke work on STRIPE. Zeke gives Sylvester a pep talk to try and be something new. At the JSA meeting, Beth discovers that it was The Crocks that were being Blackmailed. Courtney tells the team not to tell Sylvester so he doesn't rush to conclusions.
  3. Mr. Mahkent: Cameron isn't painting and didn't do his homework. His teacher shares an olive branch for him. Cameron bursts out at her, and Rick sees that. Rick defends his teacher. The two almost come to blows but Cameron stands down. He does use his ice powers to flaten Rick's tire though. Cindy arrives at Courtney's home where she spills the beans on The Crock's blackmailing, She points him right at the Crocks.
  4. Bell's Supermarket: At Bell's Supermarket, Sylvester arrives to find the Crocks shopping. Just as the store is about to close, Starman takes on Tigress and Sportsmaster! The JSA meet to discuss how to talk to the Crocks but Starman is already there. Mike calls Courtney to tell him. Starman takes on the pair rather agressively, destroying the Market with the staff. Starman is too aggressive and looks like he might kill the Crocks. He destroys a pick-up truck in the parking lot. STRIPE arrives and defends the Crocks! Sylvester stands down.
  5. Not the Murderers: The Crocks were being Blackmailed, but they didn't kill him. In fact, The Gambler was trying to turn over a new leaf, he even paid back The Crocks all the money. Pat and Courtney believe the Crocks. Sylvester loses his cool in the basement. Sylvester doesn't know how to deal with Pat when he isn't the sidekick. Pat isn't the same guy he was back when he was a sidekick. Pat is a leader now and he shows that Sylvester needs to be a role model now. Back at school, the JSA review the suspects. It wasn't The Shade, Grundy or the Crocks. Cindy reveals that she wanted to work with Sylvester to gain his approval so she could convince the others she was good for the JSA. Paula gives her speech at the club, Barbara arrives to support her! Cameron goes to apologize to Courtney. He isn't ready to talk about his situation, but Courtney suggests they go for a walk.

In the final wrap up moments, Sylvester reviews his documents on The Gambler. He thinks he should revisit the crime scene, but instead of taking the staff, he leaves it at home for Courtney's use. She is out walking with Cameron, the two end up holding hands ... almost, but Cameron says he's got to go. Paula sneaks into the American Dream to talk to Tim, Barbara's new boss. She says he's going to be much nicer to Barbara now! We get another view of a dark character monitoring all of the areas in Blue Valley. Pat makes Starman a new suit, while Sylvester checks out the crime scene. He is ambushed and thrown high into the air and lands very injured! Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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