DC Universe Episode Order Shuffle

If you're a DC Universe fan then you've probably heard the news today that Swamp Thing, another DC Universe live-action original show, had their thirteen episode season one order cut to just ten episodes. This has caused a series of articles to come out with the same theme; the sky is falling at DC Universe. That certainly isn't our read on the events today. Early adopters of the new streaming service may remember that Titans, the lead-off show for the streaming service, also reduced their original order down to ten episodes. The reason for this was so they could build up a bigger and even better season two. That seems to be the case with the addition of Superboy and Krypto coming to the show.

Early this spring, we reported that Stargirl's debut was pushed out to Q1 2020. This also doesn't give us much worry because the show is so big and has so many A-listers that expanding the schedule for filming only allows for the show to keep their committed actors. A perfect example of this is Joel McHale, who plays Starman or Courtney Whitmore's predecessor. In addition to his role on Stargirl, he is also going to be hosting ABC's Card Sharks. Expanding the schedule allows for more opportunity to keep these beloved actors on the show.

Finally, for all those that might truly believe that Swamp Thing's reduced order is indeed a sign that the streaming service is struggling, there is still hope for Stargirl. Stargirl is a Greg Berlanti produced show. Greg and his team created the Arrowverse which is arguably the most successful group of superhero themed shows on television today! With the star-power (pun intended) behind this show and having Geoff Johns in one of the drivers' seats, it's not unreasonable at all to assume the show could be sold off to another network if DC Universe is really in trouble.

Let us be clear though, we don't see any reason to worry about Stargirl, Swamp Thing, Titans or any of the other original shows on the streaming service. At this point, our advice is to stay away from the band wagon, the sky is not falling.

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