DC Universe's Stargirl Tone Revealed

For those that saw the Titans trailer at Comic Con this year, there is no doubt that the DC based show is going to be a very dark and violent take on the superhero team. Also, just going off the titles of some of the other shows DC Universe is creating (Swampthing, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn to name a few) it would seem like the streaming service is going to double down on the grit that was introduced in the DCEU. However, there is one key place where that is not true and Geoff Johns, Executive Producer of Stargirl had this to say via

For me, Stargirl was its own show with the Justice Society. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t eventually do something, but the goal is just to make a great Stargirl show right now, and — if it happens to interconnect in the future with other things — great. I love that it’s such a different tone than Titans or Doom Patrol that we’re working on, because the service… DC Universe, the channel — it’s bigger than a channel, I guess, because it’s got comics and everything else — but it should have different types of shows, just like on Netflix. I love Ozark and I love GLOW, you know? And they’re very different shows, and I think it’s important to have a diversity of tones instead of everything fitting the same tone. I wanted to do Stargirl for a variety of reasons but part of it was to do something that was a lot of fun and young, really young. It’ll be PG-13, but it really is for everybody, you know? It’s for adult fans like us and it’s for kids. I think everybody will be able to watch Stargirl, which is part of the appeal to it because you have generations of heroes.

The aspect of keeping the show young and available for all audiences is very intriguing. So far, no superhero shows have incorporated a younger hero element. The closest so far was one episode of Supergirl on The CW where we saw a young Alex Danvers and Kara Danvers in high school. To have a show built around the struggles of youth, high school, and heroism sounds like a new recipe for success we have yet to see in this golden age of comics on TV.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in our forum! Special thanks to artist Fooray on Deviant Art who allowed us to use his incredible interpretation of Stargirl as our article intro image. We think this joy and smile perfectly embodies the tone of the show that we are going to see! Check out the full piece of work here.

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