Exclusive: Stargirl Production Start Date

If you've been following us for awhile you certainly noticed that the casting process for the show has started to really heat up. In the last week and a half, we have gained three founding members of the original Justice Society of America which includes Starman (likely an older version of the original Star-Spangled Kid) played by Joel McHale, Hourman played by Lou Ferrigno Jr. and finally, Wildcat played by Brian Stapf. The casting process is in full swing because we can confirm that production for the show is scheuled to begin February 4th, 2019! The production process will go roughly through August 26th and with the show making it's debut in August 2019, it is likely that the first season will be wrapping when we get our debut!

Brec Bassinger just finished up her role on 47 Meters Down so after a nice holiday break, and pending any smaller parts, Brec's 2019 schedule will be filled with Stargirl. From helping with additional reads to getting fitted for the Stargirl Costume, we are getting very close to the start of a very exciting unique superhero show!

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