Frenemies Chapter 2: The Suspects Recap

A murder has happened in Blue Valley and the JSA isn't going to stand for it. We left last week with The Gambler dead and Cindy Burman standing over him with a literal smoking gun! YIKES that doesn't look good for Cindy. She has however, claimed that she didn't commit the murder and hopes to not be one of the suspects. Speaking of suspects, that's what tonight's all new episode of Stargirl is about, who could have committed this murder? The Crock family isn't exactly squeeky clean, The Shade didn't seem to care much for the Gambler in the diner, heck even if Cindy says she didn't, she did kill her father... lots to cover, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Twelve Hours Ago: We start 12 hours before the murder and see The Gambler setting up his home in the trailer park. It's revealed that Crusher went to confront The Gambler but he remains reformed and speeds off. However, The Shade is also there and does make an appearance visiting The Gambler. Back at the garage, the original JSA and Starman are discussing the murder. They think it was Cindy, but Courtney believes that she didn't do it. Courtney and Sylvester agree that whoever has The Gambler's laptop must have been the murderer. All former villians are now considered suspects. Courtney has The Gambler's note to his daughter and she decides to read it. It seems that The Gambler was sincere. Cindy is in the depths of the ISA headquarters running some science experiments. She drinks a strange liquid.
  2. Rick and Grundy: Rick is still trying to revive Grundy by burying him in different locations that The Shade suggests. Courtney uses the note to The Gambler's daughter as justification that he was reformed. She is going to find his daughter and give it to her. Pat and Sylvester are going to question ISA members while Courtney is at school. Mike and Jakeem aka the All Stars, take the murder as an opportunity to try and solve the case and be taken seriously as JSA members. Barbara has a new co-worker who seems to want to stop all her proposals. She walks into her office and finds Paula there to claim they didn't kill the Gambler. Yolanda and Rick still don't trust Cindy who arrives at school to find the JSA meeting without her.
  3. The Shade and Sylvester: At the diner, the Shade is treated to his first real good cup of tea! Pat and Sylvester join The Shade to ask him questions. Sylvester takes the lead and gets a bit too aggressive with the Shade. The Shade says he didn't murder The Gambler but Sylvester grabs him upsetting the whole diner. Pat needs to show Sylvester that he isn't the sidekick anymore. Pat needs to be respected as a leader now too. Sylvester realizes his new position and leaves to cool off. By cooling off, it turns out Sylvester goes to get Courtney out of school to teach Courtney some new tricks with the Staff. Cameron sits in his art class, unable to paint now. His powers are stopping him from being able to hold the brush.
  4. Starman and Stargirl: Stargirl shows off what she already knows with the staff, Sylvester shows her how he can channel the staff's energy into himself. Barbara and Paula are now on their third attempt at baking German Chocolate Cake. Sylvester teaches Courtney the Shooting Star move that channels cosmic energy into the user. After failing once, she is able to do the move and her eyes light up with energy. It even seems that Courtney was able to do more than Sylvester did with the staff. Jakeem and Mike prepare to make a wish to discover the murderer's name. The wish reveals that the Killer has many names, and with that they used their wish. Sylvester and Courtney go to the Shade. Sylvester wants to apologize. His hot head gets in the way again and Sylvester takes the staff and attacks The Shade again. Courtney pulls the staff away from Sylvester. He realizes he's mad at himself not at the Shade. The Shade decides to leave Blue Valley while Sylvester is there.
  5. Sylvester's Guilt: Sylvester is too wrapped up with his guilt over the JSA. Sylvester's choice to kill Bruce Gordon in cold blood is the reason the JSA died in the first place. Rick and Beth hang out at the garage. We find out that he isn't getting a full hour with his hourglass. The Shade appears to speak with Rick about Solomon Grundy. He is sorry that he wasn't able to help him revive him. The Shade leaves but notably there is a wierd green light with him. He seems to be sick.

In the final wrap up moments, Courtney goes to speak with Sylvester. She learned last season to find balance between being Stargirl. Courtney encourages Sylvester to find out who he is when he isn't Starman. He admits The Shade is no longer a suspect on the list. It is revealed that Cindy has the Gambler's laptop, which by Beth and Pat's logic, means she is the killer? Paula and Crusher say it's only a matter of time until they find out. Did they kill The Gambler? Check out a trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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