Joel McHale Joins Cast as Starman

Joel McHale has had the body of a superhero since his days on NBC's Community and even before! The Seattle area native, has had several comedic roles as well as hosted two talk shows of his own. Now, TVline is reporting that the destined superhero actor is finally taking his first role as a Justice Society of America legend, Sylvester Pemberton (aka Starman)! Starman was a heavy hitter in the JSA and his sidekick, Pat Dugan was also a big hero. Dugan is now the step-father to Courtney Whitemore, our title character (played by Brec Bassinger). Sylvester Pemberton is described as:

A member of the Justice Society of America, Starman charges into battle with a “mysterious anti-gravity weapon called the cosmic staff.” He also comes equipped with his own sidekick, Courtney’s stepfather Pat Dugan (aka Stripesy).

Let us know what you think of this newest addition in the comments below and in our forum!

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