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It's been a big week for Stargirl and nothing has even really changed. A rumor about the show moving to The CW was raised, the rumor went a little wild, then after reaching out to our sources, we discovered the rumor was just a rumor. That said, we did discover something new for Stargirl which is amazing! Geoff Johns' production company, Mad Ghost Productions has an Instagram account. The Instagram is pretty young, really only been posting since September but the images on there are beautiful!! Two images stand out to us, the first is of an old Chevrolet with the hashtag #StarRocketRacer. It is a little difficult to see who's driving but our best guess is Luke Wilson's Pat Dugan! The second image that really makes a statement is the Justice Society of America's famous table! You won't miss it! Check out some of the images below and be sure to follow Mad Ghost Productions on Instagram!

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