Mystery JSA Member Being Cast

So far we know that Courtney Whitmore, now played by Brec Bessinger, will headline Stargirl. In addition, the show needs a Yolanda Montez and a Pat Dugan. Well today we've stumbled across another JSA character and her role remains a mystery! We've updated our spoilers page to include two new test scenes for the character. For now she is named "Rachel", but we believe that this is a filler name much like Tammy is likely being used for Yolanda. Beyond who the character might be, the scenes help us really understand the humor that is going to be in this show! We've mentioned before that we feel like this is a good continuation of the feeling we got watching Supergirl's Midvale. In addtion, after reading the test scenes (which may or may not appear in the show), there is an element of Marvel's famous balance of humor and action! We are only getting more excited!

Let us know what you think of this new character and who she might be in the comments below and in our forum! Check our our spoilers page for more info!

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