New Season Three Sneak Peek Released!

A brand new look into the upcoming third season of Stargirl has been released, and going off what some of the cast members are saying - we may be in for a very different season this time around! Cindy Burman is now an ally to the titular superheroine and her ragtag team of fellow superheroes, but not everyone is terribly keen about the former villainess joining their ranks. While Courtney welcomes her with open arms, the rest of the JSA - outside of the always optimistic Beth - it’ll very likely take some time for other members of the team like Yolanda and Rick to come around to befriending the daughter of the Dragon King.

Meanwhile, Sylvester Pemberton is miraculously alive and while something like that would be cause for celebration, Courtney is worried about having to give up the mantle to her predecessor and hand over the Cosmic Staff, which she christened “Cosmo”. In other parts of Blue Valley, Cameron Mahkent is slowly trying to master his newfound ice powers, despite the belief that he’s the only one in his hometown going through these spellbinding changes.

Check out the video below and prepare yourselves for when August 31, 2022 comes around!

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