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Ever since Brec Bassinger took the title role of Courtney Whitmore, news has been a bit quiet. However, it's now October and New York Comic Con attendees are getting the chance to see Titans, the first live action original show on DC Universe this week! As the DC Universe platform starts to fill with original content, we took advantage of some of the other great options on the app to get a head start on Stargirl. If you are already a member of The DC Universe, then you have access to some incredible source material that will be very valuable as Stargirl begins to ramp up. The following are some comic choices we've found that are free to read with your DC Universe subscription that will give you a leg up on Stargirl:

  1. Justice Society of America #1, February 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  2. Justice Society of America #2, March 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  3. Justice Society of America #3, April 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  4. Justice Society of America #4, May 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  5. Justice Society of America #5, June 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  6. Justice Society of America #6, July 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  7. Justice Society of America #7, August 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  8. Justice Society of America #8, September 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  9. Justice Society of America #9, October 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  10. Justice Society of America #10, November 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  11. Justice Society of America #11, December 2007, written by Geoff Johns
  12. Justice Society of America #12, January 2008, written by Geoff Johns

If you haven't noticed the pattern yet, these comics were all written by Geoff Johns, Stargirl's creator and Executive Producer! Even more exciting is that this chronicles, among other great stories, the next iteration of the Justice Society of America and their recruiting process, something the TV Show's Courtney Whitmore is going to have to deal with quite a lot! If you aren't a member of The DC Universe yet and you are waiting until Stargirl is closer to premiere, we can understand, you can check out the collection of these stories on Amazon here.

Let us know if you've read these issues and or if you are already on The DC Universe in the comments below or in our forum!

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