Shade, Eclipso and More Cast for Season 2

Filming on the second season of the smash hit Stargirl has begun and as we know from season 1, Shade is expected to make waves this second season. That isn't all, Meg DeLacy's Shiv has found the crystal holding the entity of Eclipso and we believe she has every intent to free him and use his power to test the newly founded JSA. Today we can finally put faces to these names (via as The Expanse's Nick Tarabay was cast to portray Eclipso, a series regular role. Opposite him is The Affair's Jonathan Cake, as The Shade, a recurring part. Additionally Ysa Penarejo has been added to the cast as well in a yet undisclosed role. Eclipso is described as:

An ancient entity of corruption and vengeance. Brimming with a cold, terrifying darkness, he exploits the flaws of others, reveling in the impure and sinful, sadistically feeding off the dark side of humanity.

The Shade is described as:

An English immortal. Tall and slim with an elegant 19th Century way to his speech and manners, he masks the horrors he’s experienced and people he’s lost in all the time alive with wry, witty retorts and a false sense that nothing really matters.

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