Title: The Suspects

Directed By: Andi Armaganian

Air Date: September 7th, 2022

Written By: Robbie Hyne

Official Description: A MURDER MYSTERY IN BLUE VALLEY — After stumbling upon a suspicious murder in Blue Valley, the JSA begin looking at potential suspects. A tense run-in with The Shade (guest star Jonathan Cake) makes Courtney (Brec Bassinger) and Pat (Luke Wilson) realize that Sylvester’s (Joel McHale) old ways could land them in hot water. Finally, Barbara (Amy Smart) steps in to help Paula (Joy Osmanski), whose attempt at fitting in has not gone so well. 

Reoccurring Cast: Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gellman, Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano, Meg DeLacy, Hunter Sansone, Neil Hopkins and Alkoya Brunson

Guest Stars: Jonathan Cake (The Shade)

Special Notes:

Title: The Murder

Directed By: Andi Armaganian

Air Date: August 31st, 2022

Written By: Geoff Johns

Official Descripton: STARMAN IS BACK — With Starman (Joel McHale) back from the dead and her former super-villain enemies vowing to reform, Courtney (Brec Bassinger) is hopeful that there will finally be peace in Blue Valley. But when The Gambler (guest star Eric Goins) arrives to town looking to make his own amends, the team find themselves at odds over whether he can be trusted. 

Reoccurring Cast: Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano, Meg DeLacy, Neil Hopkins, Joy Osmanski and Alkoya Brunson

Guest Stars: Eric Goins (The Gambler)

Special Notes: Joel McHale returns in his role as Starman in the Season 3 opener.