Stargirl Cast Reacts to Additon of CW

Yesterday the news broke that Stargirl herself, Brec Bassinger would make an appearance on The CW's mega crossover event, "Crisis on Infinite Earths". In addition, other news outlets picked up the news that the show would concurrently be broadcast on The CW along with the commercial-free streaming app DC Universe! This has been a momentum shifting week for the once delayed show. Now two networks are sharing the show and an even broader audience can enjoy the adventures of Courtney Whitmore and the new JSA!

We have long said that the cast and crew of Stargirl are among the closest and most talented in the industry. You can see on their social media accounts that they all support each other even outside of the show and seem to be genuine friends in real life. We know that kind of bond is only going to come across as something spectacular on screen! After the news broke yesterday the cast took to social media to share their reactions! Below are just a few of the many celebrations:

We think our lead, Brec Bassinger said it best, "The CW stands for Courtney Whitmore!". In addition, we did get a tiny news element from Anjelika Washington. She has completed her Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR) for the show. That means the show is nearly complete with all the additional sounds needed for the full thirteen episodes. We imagine all that is left is some special effects work!

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