Stargirl's Season 3 Production Start Date Set

In the time of coronavirus, production schedules have been all over the place. The traditional model of fall premiere, mid-winter break, and summer off for comic con hasn't held true for two years now. While some of the Arrowverse is seeking to try and return closer to this model (The Flash and Batwoman), other shows are adhering to the mid-season model. Superman and Lois began production just recently and Stargirl will also begin their third season October 4th, 2021! With both seasons of Stargirl having thirteen episodes, it makes sense that this third season will too. Seeing as the show will be filming in the fall/winter, its logical to assume we might have another six-month time jump. Maybe "Stargirl Junior Year?".

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves though, there is still more than half the season remaining! After last night, the consensus is that Stargirl is really heating up with many making the claim that Summer School Chapter 6 was the best of the series so far! We couldn't agree more, but it is exciting to know that season three is set to begin production in a few weeks and the more Stargirl, the better!

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