Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 7 Trailer

Eclipso has managed to manipulate everyone he needed to so that he could be free and walk among us on Earth 2! Cindy has been imprisoned into a shard of the Black Diamond, the very tool she was using to force Eclipso to do her bidding. Poor Issac Bowin took up the family fiddle only to be stabbed by Cindy's shiv and have his soul sucked into Eclipso! Even The Shade has taken a big hit now having his powers fluctuating after encountering Eclipso! And Courtney didn't come out of the battle unscathed, while she was able to hurt Eclipso enough to force his retreat, the light in the Cosmic staff has gone out! Looking ahead to next week, Yolanda is going to have to face some tough topics! See the preview for next week's episode below:

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