The Betrayal Gallery & Infinity Inc. Part 1 Synopsis

Today we have some double good news for you Stargirl fans! We have our first look at episode six this season, titled "The Betrayal" and we have the episode description/synopsis for Infinity Inc. Part 1, which features the return of Ysa Penarejo, aka Green Lantern's daughter! First looking at the images from episode six, "The Betrayal", there is a few images that are really standing out to us! It looks like there is going to be a meeting betweem Cameron's grandparents, and Barbara and Pat! Talk about an awkward meeting! Even more so, it looks like Cameron and Courtney will crash that meeting as well! Check it out below:

Next we are looking ahead to mid-October, we have an episode description for the very excitingly titled "Infinity Inc Part one"! Jade is returning and its a two part episode so that has to have a great cliffhanger! The full episode description is below:

OPERATION BLACKOUT BOMB — After Beth (Anjelika Washington) makes a major discovery on The Gambler’s laptop, the team moves forward with a risky plan that effects the entire town of Blue Valley. Elsewhere, Jennie (guest star Ysa Penarejo) returns to the fold seeking help from Courtney (Brec Bassinger). Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gellman, Trae Romano and Alkoya Brunson also star. Glen Winter directed the episode written by James Dale Robinson (#307). Original airdate 10/19/2022.

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