The Industry-Changing Potential of Stargirl

Happy New Year everyone! Today, as we march into a new year and new decade, we are sitting in the middle of the biggest comic book television crossover event in history. Seven heroes and one major villain are all that are left from reality. Fans are patiently waiting for January 14th to find out how all of this is going to conclude. One thing is clear though, the heroes have to prevail in some way because The Arrowverse will continue with new episodes. Will they all exist on the same Earth? Will there be other Earths restored? Tune in January 14th to find out.

If a major crossover event like Crisis on Infinite Earths wasn't clue enough that we are in a major golden age of comics television, we are looking to Stargirl as another example of how comic book-based television is at its height! Recently, HBO's Watchmen was heralded as an amazing example of must-see television. These shows that don't have to conform to traditional broadcast television rules seem to find stories and quality that really shines. Doom Patrol was wild and very niche but still held comic book fans and non-comic book fans alike. The commonality of these shows, though, is that they must be a part of a subscription service. They get their revenue not from advertisements but from subscriptions. This is where we look to Stargirl.

For the first time ever, The CW is going to have a show that was created via the subscription model and offered freely via broadcast and streaming (via the CW app). This could be a game changer. The quality and precision storytelling of Stargirl is movie level quality. This will be the first time a show like this will be offered by a major television network. More audiences than ever will be able to access this show. With Stargirl's success, a new television production model could be created; shows that have the high quality and caliber/budget like Stargirl that are offered freely and via subscription. Stargirl will be the first show that will benefit from television advertisements and subscription services to fulfill their budgets.

No matter if this new production model is adopted in the future for other shows or not, there is a clear light moving forward. Stargirl via The CW will be the first time people with just a digital television antenna can see a subscription quality TV show. The future looks bright for Stargirl and for comic book-based television!

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