Birthday Stargirl Shares Cake and Costume

We usually don't comment on the personal lives of the actors on the shows we cover but because Stargirl is still very much in its infancy, any opportunity to see more of the costume is worth while in our minds. That said, it's series star and lead, Brec Bassinger's birthday today, (now 20 years old) she started her day off on set! There have been a couple of birthday's for the cast this month, Anjelika Washington also celebrated her birthday! Brec was on set and in costume when she was surprised with a special birthday cake. She shared the event on her instagram which you can see below:

0044 instagram

The photo really shows off the details and the texture the suit has! There are hidden and repeating star patterns all throughout! We really think the designer nailed the suit which is so pivotal to the show!

0044 balloons

Happy Birthday to Brec! Let us know what you think of the details of the costume in the comments below and in the forum!

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#1 RE: Birthday Stargirl Shares Cake and CostumeDigging Dugan 2019-05-25 14:01
For me, this kind of detail is really awesome. We usually don't see it on screen because of all the fast fighting movements but the fact they added it makes me feel like they really care about the show they are making.

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