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Henry King Jr.'s powers are growing and while it is clear that he doesn't have full control over them yet, he is getting stronger with them, specifically adding the ability to move objects with his mind. Courtney has just ended a second fight with Shiv who could have possibly killed her if it weren't for Henry Jr.'s intervention. What all did Henry retain from his encounter with Stargirl? Will Cindy Burman finally tell her father who the real Stargirl is? So much to cover in today's all new episode of Stargirl! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Decades Ago: We open in the past. Brainwave was a scientist working on lab rays when he was mugged leaving his office. Here he discovered his powers and used them fully to kill the mugger. Fast-forwarding to today, Henry Jr. is looking through his father's old tapes regarding his abilities. We learn that Brainwave had an idea to expanded the human brain but his funding was cut. He chose to use his experiment on himself and it worked. Killing the man relieved his migrane.
  2. Courtney & Pat: Courtney debriefs Pat on the encounter with Shiv and Brainwave Jr. Having heard his thoughts in her head, Courtney thinks she can turn Henry Jr. into a JSA member. Pat realizes that the ISA is not just settling down, they are planning something instead. We learn that Stripesy and Star Spangled Kid were part of The Seven Solders of Victory before joining the JSA. Turns out the Seven Solders saved the world once! They have experience fighting Dragon King and Pat agrees they need all the help they can get.
  3. The Shining Knight: The Janitor's having visions of the Cosmic staff. His memory seems to come and go randomly. Beth does recon on Cindy and discovers she's been pulled out of school to study abroad. In actuality, Cindy is caged in her father's cell. When Cindy can't get her father to let her out she threatens to kill him. Dragon King locks her door further and gases her to sleep. Henry Jr. is practicing his powers and learning via his dad's tapes. Courtney takes her idea to bring in Henry to the team and Yolanda and Rick aren't having it. Henry Jr. continues to learn more about his father, turns out killing people is giving him relief from his headaches. The more minds he reads, the more his head hurts until he kills them.
  4. Dragon King: Dr. Ido has news for the ISA. He is very polite at the round table. Dragon King hasn't always worked with the ISA so they have a little bit of uneasiness. Dragon King's idea is to use Henry Jr. as a power source to broadcast a command to all active minds, essentially taking them over. Barbara goes to apologize for having to leave Oakville and Jordan confesses his difficulties with balancing work and life. Barbara invites the Mahkents over for dinner. Henry Jr. goes to try and speak with his dad through his mind.
  5. Pat's Mission: Pat calls Beth and Rick to the Pit Stop. He thinks that there might be a series of underground tunnels all through Blue Valley. Beth and Chuck begin to work the problem, Pat heads home and Rick starts work on his father's journal. Courtney goes to talk with Henry Jr. about the ISA. Henry Jr. thinks all humans are garbage but Courtney does show him another side, people can choose to be good. Courtney knows behind pain and fear, it's all about love. Courtney thinks that Henry Jr. wants to be loved as well.
  6. Family Dinner: Barbara is frantically cooking which she isn't good at. Pat steps in to help out. The Mahkents arrive for dinner. Jordan brings his son and parents completing a dinner for eight. Wildcat goes to confront Henry Jr. and scares him half to death. She lets him read her thoughts and he knows how much he's hurt her. Beth discovers that a separatist movement settled Blue Valley and built their tunnels which is why the ISA chose the town to start their Project New America. At dinner, Courtney nearly burns her hands and realizes that Jordan might be Icicle when he takes the pan and it doesn't burn him.
  7. Barbara Finds Out: After dinner Courtney goes to the basement with Pat to get the staff. Barbara is there and sees the staff. A lawyer goes to get Henry Jr.'s signature to take his dad off life support but it's just a ploy to get money. Henry Jr. uses his powers to silence the lawyer maybe killing him. Just then, Henry Sr. wakes up!

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#4 RE: Brainwave Recapmuckle9999 2020-07-15 12:49
Well, it looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Henry Jr. made quick work of the lawyer. I wonder if Dad is going to have his wits about him now that he's awake.
Cameron has moon eyes for Courtney so he'll probably join the JSA when his powers start developing. Or maybe not. Poor Pat has a mess on his hands with Barbara. Courtney has to step up to the plate and defend him or the marriage is over. Another good episode.
#3 RE: Brainwave RecapCatPat 2020-07-14 18:39
Still wondering if the show is priming Henry Jr. & Cameron as future JSA or IS members? Also, will we get moe backstory/flashbacks about Cindy killing her mom? Will she be in the dungeon long enough to use that bucket... eek!

Jordan's parents... a little creepy... seemed to be sizing up Barbara... as a new nate for Jordan?

Barbara & Pat looking likely headed for marriage issues, as suspected, due to Pat and Courtney keeping her in the dark about JSA. We really don't have much buy in about Pat and Barbara as we don't ever see much of them as a loving couple. I was getting annoyed with Courtney pressing Pat to keep their secret from her mother and his wife, so I am glad Barbara finds out.

The show is unfolding nicely so far.
+1 #2 RE: Brainwave RecapStewart 2020-07-13 13:55
OK - I think we can see where this is going now. Henry, Jr., is the pivotal character and his talk with Courtney at the hospital was the pivotal scene. He's going to agree to cooperate with his father and the rest of the ISA. But at the last minute, he backs out, realizes that Courtney was right, and sides with the JSA. And with Henry, Jr's help, they are able to defeat the ISA this time.
And Icicle probably helps the process along. Due to his hubris, he makes one or two major miscalculations of some sort (like Lex Luthor always did with Superman).
+1 #1 Surprises!Knight Rider 2020-07-13 08:23
This one was full of surprises! Now we're one week away from another episode of this awesome TV show. I barely wait for that!!

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