Changes in Production Coming to Stargirl

In an interview with Lightcastpod, Meg Delacy spoke about some of the changes to how Stargirl is being made in it's second season. While the first season was fully funded by the now, dimished DC Universe, this season is being funded by The CW. With that comes a bit of a budget change. In recalling how the first season was filmed, Meg remembered that each episode took two weeks long to film. Now, production is expecting to come in at a week and a half per episode. That is actually the industry standard for most hour long episodes of television. Other superhero shows, Supergirl for example, also shoot on that schedule. Meg also went on to confirm that the second season in full has a thirteen episode order just like last season. Meg did note that a lot of the filming and schedule last season was to work together and get the cast and crew feeling like a team. Because they all have that going into this second season, doing a faster episode turn around won't be too difficult. Speaking on season two Meg stated:

We're still going to be out there [Atlanta and Dallas, Georgia] for six months, so we're going to be taking our time, but I think this season is going to be less action-packed and more so character analysis and character driven with more layers which is kinda cool, I'm excited to hop into that side.

With Geoff Johns returning as showrunner for Stargirl as well as having a full six months to do thirteen episodes, we are very excited for this season! For the full hour long interview where Meg talks about her wonderful singing among other topics visit Lightcastpod. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum! Follow us on Twitter to get breaking news!

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