Comic Book Stargirl Origins and Powers Explained

By now just about everyone knows the story of Stargirl. This was a character created by Geoff Johns to honor his sister who passed away on TWA Flight 800. But, did you know her powers and origin vary from the show we love? As we are looking ahead to season 2, we want to take a moment and look back to the  comic book version of Stargirl and are hunting down hints to what might be coming, and or, new powers that Courtney might wield. To do this, we partnered with a comic book expert who's been bringing knowledge of all comic book lore both DC and Marvel to Tik Tok, our friend, Zephy!

Certainly these are powers we've seen in the show, but now we are curious, could Courtney use her belt as a power source? Will we see Stargirl blast Eclipso with her star shaped energy?

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#1 RE: Comic Book Stargirl Origins and Powers ExplainedCatPat 2021-05-12 12:25
There are often things TV shows ignore from the origin comic. I always think this is a mistake, as a lot of cool stuff never makes it to the screen.

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