DC's Stargirl Season 3 Premiere Recap

It's been a long time since we parted with Courtney Whitmore and the JSA! While Eclipso was vanquished, new wonders have cropped up! Starman is back somehow? The Crocks have moved in next door to the Whitmore Dugan house, and as we see tonight, The Gambler is back in town! That's a lot to digest not to mention that Cindy has asked to be on the JSA side of things now! After all that she's done to Courtney and the JSA, especially Yolanda, can she be forgiven? There's a lot to unpack in this debut episode of DC's Stargirl, season three, Frenemies! With an episode titled, The Murder, there will certainly be much to discuss, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Coming to America: We open with a montage of what everyone has been up to. With Eclipso gone, Blue Valley is thriving! Beth's parents are doting on her now that they know she is Dr. Midnite. Cindy is trying to be a better person and helping the elderly, Courtney and her family went on their trip to Yellowstone. Finally, we see The Gambler has arrived back in Blue Valley!
  2. The Star Family: Sylvester has moved into the Dugan Whitmore home. He's doing house work, taking care of things, trying to earn his keep at the house. He's also built Cosmo a brand new display case. This already begins a little bit of trouble. Who get's the staff? Sylvester explains that he believes his connection to the staff is what brought him back to life. We learn that Sylvester has decided to let Courtney keep the staff. Pat is excited that Sylvester can teach Courtney how to be a better Stargirl. Pat locks the door to the family home but Courtney unlocks it, she still has faith in people. As Pat relocks the door, The Gambler has returned and asks to make amends. The Gambler asks to be a productive member of the community because he's discovered he has a daughter.
  3. The Juicer: Pat wakes up earlly to find Crusher in his kitchen. He brought a juicer to make the family healthy food. He asks what the Gambler was doing visiting and tells them that he can't be trusted. The Shade is at the diner still hoping to get the perfect cup of tea, Maria tries and tries to ace it but it isn't quite right. The Gambler visits with The Shade. He wants to make amends as well, but The Shade dismisses him. At school, Yolanda is still worried about Cindy. Beth's parents are obsessing over her and suggest a new super suit. Rick is trying to revive Grundy but burying him in different places. Cindy joins the table and opens the team meeting. Artemis walks by the table and gives a "Go Team" making it seem like she also wants to join the JSA.
  4. STRIPE: Pat shows Sylvester STRIPE. He says that kind of work would have earned him a seat at the JSA table. At the American Dream foundation, Paula arrives to discuss Artemis' desire to join the JSA. Paula threatens Barbara to let Artemis join. At a new trailer park, the Gambler begins his search for his daughter. The Gambler seems to have turned over a new leaf and throws out his iconic gun. STRIPE and Starman team up to save a plane! Courtney is there and sees that Sylevester took the staff. He gives back the staff and apologises for taking it. Courtney goes to speak with Sylvester who realizes that he doesn't have a life anymore, his parents and sister are gone. He realizes that he needs to find a new life. Courtney makes a deal with Sylvester to share the staff. When she is in school, he can use the staff.
  5. No Limits Gang: The Gambler's old gang is in Blue Valley and they are stealing from a money truck. When the JSA arrives to stop it, Artemis is quick to jump in and take out all the bad guys solo! She views this as a try out to join the JSA. Back at the garage, Beth invistigates the gang while Cindy complains about where they meet.

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Pat and Sylvester share a beer on the patio. Sylvester questions if the bad guys can be trusted. They defer to Courtney's judgement, her heart hasn't ever steered them wrong. The Gambler finishes his heart felt note to his daughter. His computer identifies a hidden camera system that looks to be monitoring all the heroes and villians in Blue Valley! He sees a feed that is live right outside his own trailer! He goes outside to investigate when something growls at him! The JSA head to investigate The Gambler's connection to his old gang. They arrives to see The Gambler dead, his trailer ripped open and Cindy Burman standing over his body with a gun. She says, "I didn't do it"! Check out a trailer for next week's all new episode!

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#1 RE: DC's Stargirl Season 3 Premiere Recapmuckle9999 2022-08-31 19:34
I thought the musical intro was very enjoyable with Neil Diamond's Coming to America. The show dragged on with the ground work being laid out which I expected with the first episode. I don't like the milquetoasty goody two shoes Starman and hope he's out of the picture soon. However, I do like angry Rick and hope he hooks up with Yolanda down the road. ;-) Very little action in this one. Should be more next episode.

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