DC Universe & The CW to Broadcast Stargirl

The mystery behind Stargirl is starting to come into focus and the future is looking cosmically bright! A source close to the show has revealed just what is happening with the long awaited Geoff Johns superhero series. This is going to be bigger than anyone can imagine! First, DC Universe fans will be able to enjoy the show as promised. However, word is that the show will concurrently stream or air on The CW. Details are still being worked out! The fact that now two networks, The CW and DC Universe are providing this show, speaks to the quality and strength of the series. Stargirl’s future is only looking brighter!

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#2 RE: DC Universe & The CW to Broadcast Stargirlkdogg87 2019-11-18 16:54
I hope this is true, but I gotta err on the side of caution until an official announcement is made. It would be good news because A) it would be more exposure for the series, and B) ShowCase might pick it up to air in Canada, if it's on CW. They've done that with most CW shows, and even a DC Universe show. Means I'll hopefully be able to watch while in Vancouver, without a VPN.
#1 RE: DC Universe & The CW to Broadcast StargirlStargirlFan 2019-11-18 10:56
This is awesome news! Expands the audience base and adds a great new element to the Arrowverse.

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