Exclusive: Bruce Gordon & Season 3

Happy new year Stargirl fans! Today, has learned that conversations regarding a third season of Stargirl are underway and all indications are looking like a season 3 is a go! With HBO Max gobbling up DC Comic properties it would be easy to imagine the show joining HBO Max's line up after airing on The CW. Further more, has exclusively learned that season three of Stargirl will feature the DC Comic's character, Bruce Gordon! In the comic books, Bruce was often the human host for Eclipso out of Eclipso's necessity. Bruce is the world's leading scientist in Solar Energy, the main weakness of Eclipso, therefore Eclipso would often take over his body to keep him distracted and unable to complete his work. The comic book version of Bruce is described as:

Bruce Gordon is Earth's leading scientist in the field of Solar Energy, coincidentally the one weakness of the God of Vengeance, Eclipso. As such, the evil Eclipso makes many efforts to distract Gordon and ruin his life by using him as his own physical host, keeping him as busy as possible. Bruce Gordon reluctantly acted as Eclipso's human body for many years, and has found himself able to control Eclipso's powers without the mental influence of Eclipso, as long as he keeps his temper in control.

If this is the version of Bruce Gordon we'll see on the show remains to be seen, but considering how the show has used comic book influence in the past, much of Bruce Gordon's story may be the same. As for season three, while all indications we've seen are looking like this is a sure thing, only the network can officially announce the third season is a go, however, if there is a third season, keep an eye out for Bruce Gordon!

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#3 RE: Exclusive: Bruce Gordon & Season 3RobertAnthony 2021-01-12 07:07
Quoting Digging Dugan:
White Hot actually

Perhaps, Dugan, perhaps.
#2 RE: Exclusive: Bruce Gordon & Season 3Digging Dugan 2021-01-08 09:12
White Hot actually
#1 Well, well wellRobertAnthony 2021-01-07 16:21
Not a single season 2 episode has aired...and there's a season 3 in the works already? Either Stargirl is white hot or there must've been some kind of dealing going on.

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