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Today we have another very special privledge, we were able to ask a few questions of the new Dr. Mid-Nite, Beth Chapel herself, Anjelika Washington! We explored what it was like to dress as a superhero, favorite moments while filming Stargirl, early research that Anjelika did, and a question around that beautiful owl, Hootie! Check out our exclusive interview with Anjelika Washington (AKA, Dr. Mid-Nite) below: Your character kind of stumbles upon her role in Stargirl. Since you've been revealed as the new Dr. Mid-Nite, we have to ask, did you do any work with the owl?  If so, what was it like?

I love Hootie in the comics! I cannot reveal if I will have the owl in season 1, but the owl that everyone saw with Courtney in the old JSA headquarters was definitely a real owl!! Since Stargirl comes from the comics, did you do any research ahead of time and read some of Geoff Johns' work?

Yes, a little. I read the first 8 Stargirl comics during the audition process. I was so confused because my character name was ‘Rachel’, and there was no Rachel in the Stargirl Comics. Then, the night before my screen test, they told me it was for a superhero named Beth Chapel who is Dr. Mid-Nite. I had NO CLUE!! I thought I was just a friend of Courtney’s in the school haha! So that night I looked her up a bit, but I did not read Infinity Inc. or JSA until after I booked the role. Hunter Sansone & Cameron Gellman tell stories of how you would lighten the mood on all those late night shoots by breaking into song. How did you handle the late night shoots, and what's a favorite memory you have from working on set?

They are completely right— I love music, musicals, and dancing, so I always try to keep the fun! I think a positive attitude always helps to get through a scene at 4am and a 16-hour day of filming. One of my favorite memories was filming the Halloween party in episode 5. We blasted Lizzo, ate cookies, and danced so much it really felt like a party! Fans got a brief look at you and the other JSA members on the crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths".  What was your reaction the first time you saw yourself dressed as Dr. Mid-Nite?

It was SO COOL! I was on set filming a Netflix movie when I was sent the clip before it aired and I remember I started screaming and everyone was like “Are you okay?!" You've done a lot of great volunteer work with the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Amid this terrible Covid-19 outbreak, are there things fans can do to help?

I love CHLA! They are always taking donations! You can also donate toys!

For more information on Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, you can visit this link. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum! Follow us on Twitter to get breaking news!

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Great casting. Beth is one of my favorite characters.

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