First Five Episode Titles of Season 2 Revealed

Stargirl is coming soon and we couldn't be more excited for the show to return. Fans of Stargirl and even more recently Superman and Lois have been noticing the quality of the shows and how their 13 to 15 episode seasons are providing quality purpose driven story telling! Every episode feels like it moves the story along in a meaningful way. As we are learning more about Season 2, we have the first five episode titles of the season and they all alude to a new theme that we think this season will focus on, Summer School. The episode titles for Stargirl season 2 episode 1 through 5 are; Summer Chapter 1, Summer Chapter 2, Summer Chapter 3, Summer Chapter 4, Summer Chapter 5. Since season one ended with the Christmas holiday, it would seem we might join Courtney and the JSA 6 months later. This naming convention was familiarly used with the Black Lightning series but our bet is that season 2 is nicely contained into this Summer season.

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#1 Comic AllusionMatthewHecht 2021-05-26 05:54
This actually might be foreshadowed in the recent comic. Star is in detention due to missing class and failing tests, so that could in the show result in her being sent to Summer School. Still I hope these are just working titles.

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