Sunday, 06 March 2022
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...To the world of woke politics.

Bounding into Comics reports on Ethan Embry, who is part of the cast of Stargirl blasting conservative congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Green (GA) and Lauren Boebert (CO).

Embry was live tweeting "President" Joe Biden's State of the Union address when Greene chanted "build the wall" during part of the speech.

( know where I as a conservative am going with this)

Taking the usual Hollywood woke communist globalist, NWO, corporate fake news trope, Embry, called Greene "A Nazi Stain."

And the leftist's comments are not out of the ordinary for him.

In January 2021, Embry described North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn as a Nazi. He wrote, “Cawthorn is…a nazi”

And he even blasted Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

In September 2021, Embry also went after Tucker Carlson and his viewers.

He wrote, “All the proud nazi’s (real nazis) not just a term thrown around) on Telegram are excited about his show tonight. There’s more nazis here than most of us realize. Enough to keep him the most popular cable “news” show.
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