Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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The villains appear to actually want in some respects a fairer society - albeit through brutal, murderous means. This calls into question why they call themselves the Injustice Society. Were they named that by the JSA rather than by themselves? Did they embrace the name ironically? Or does the name of the society refer to the thing they seek to eradicate, in the same way that a Cancer Foundation seeks to reduce and mitigate cancer rather than increase it?

Also, should the villains be regarded as full blown leftists (Marxists) or are they trying to install a limited set of things (anti-racism, universal health care, criticisms of corporate excess, renewable energy) which are embraced by right and left alike in many European countries, and certainly in Norway?
3 years ago
It kind of seems like an odd grouping here. Icicle was of course a true believer and Brainwave because of only seeing the bad in people did seem to agree with the goals and reprogramming of people, but Gambler was a simple mercenary and Sportsmaster and Tigress simply seemed to want an excuse to beat up someone. Fiddler might have been a true believer. You wonder at times how they all came together.
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