Hilarious Neil Jackson CGI Video

Sometimes we get treated to just beautiful gems from the internet! If you are following Neil Jackson on Instagram then you've seen some of the very odd but purposeful makeup that he has to go through for his character on Stargirl. The makeup looks like black dots that are put on his face where each of his muscles create an expression. What easily comes to mind is how Mark Ruffalo's Hulk looks like Mark, but has the added size and green skin to make him the Hulk! Well today, during a break in filming, the actor share a hilarious video of him in the makeup while the face tracking camera was on him. Check it out below:

Of course, an added bonus to this post was that it confirms that his character has the need for a CGI treatment which falls inline with our analysis that he is playing Icicle. As we said before, however, nothing is official until DC Universe confirms!

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#1 RE: Hilarious Neil Jackson CGI VideoDigging Dugan 2019-07-11 11:53
It would be funny to see his CGI character doing this.

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