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Welcome back Stargirl fans! Today we enjoyed yet another great new episode that gave us our first look at the newly formed JSA. While this wasn't the first time we saw the society in their costumes, remember we did get a glimpse of them in Crisis on Infinite Earths, this was the first time we saw live action Sportsmaster and Tigress! Courtney may have her crew put together but they were lacking teamwork and discipline! Did they make it out alive from their first real mission? Check out what stood out to us below:

  1. Football: Artemis Crock is the quarterback of the Blue Valley Bulldogs. She is carrying the team but after one of the boy players gives her a late hit, she takes it out on him by laying him out! The coach benches Artemis. Her parents, Sportsmaster and Tigress, take their revenge by attacking the coach and killing him! We cut to Stargirl who is returning home from patrolling. Pat is waiting in her room to confront her about the artifacts and that she's been recruiting. He is upset and hurt that she started this without him. He demands that Courtney get the JSA artifacts back.
  2. The Gym Rats: The Fiddler, aka the principal of the school, lets Icicle know that "The Gym Rats" Tigress and Sportsmaster killed the coach. Icicle goes to get the pair back in line. They are ready to get back in the game but have been waiting for Icicle's say so. Icicle tells them they are going to get back in action that night and they need to get their costumes out of storage. Courtney, feeling bad for what she did against Pat, goes to ask Yolanda for her costume back but she has been studying Ted Grant's work. It gave her purpose to try and back a come back. Courtney can't bring herself to take Wildcat back from Yolanda. Brec goes to ask for the goggles back from Beth but sees that the goggles have also given Beth what she needed too. We cut to Pat talking to Rick. Pat gives Rick Rex's notebook to look through.
  3. Lunch: Courtney is feeling awful about what she did to Pat. At lunch she finally asks for the stuff back but the girls refuse to return what Courtney gave them. Pat asks that Rick give back the hourglass and the journal. Rick calls out Pat though. He's had the journal for 8 years and still couldn't figure it out. Meanwhile, The Fiddler is installing the new coach at the high school. The Gambler goes to give Sportsmaster and Tigress their mission. They need to get the codes for the satellite equipment that they stole last episode.
  4. The Staff: The new JSA meet up after school. Rick asks if Courtney would give up her staff if Pat asked for it back. Clearly not. When Beth looks at Rex's journal Chuck can't decode but his alarm goes off when The Gambler starts hacking. The team decides to get involved and stop his hack. As Tigress and Sportsmaster prepare for their mission, Icicle and his son share a somber moment to remember their wife/mom respectively. We see that Icicle's son is showing ice powers as well. Pat comes home to see that Courtney is out "with friends".
  5. Mission #1: The JSA arrive at the hack. It's clear they don't have experience but they need to rely on each other's abilities to get into the building safely. Once inside, the team see their first real dead body. It starts to resonate how life or death this business is. We find out The Gambler isn't even there, it's actually Sportsmaster and Tigress, The team begin to engage! Sportsmaster and Tigress split the team up. Hourman gets a pretty good beating. Wildcat goes after Tigress who is just as nimble as she is. Hourman gets a few good hits in but Courtney arrives to save him. Stargirl is easily the most talented of the team. Just as Wildcat is about to take a lethal blow, Dr. Mid-Nite sprays Tigress with a fire extinguisher. Courtney takes on Tigress and Sportsmaster alone. She stalls long enough for the JSA to return and back her up. Just then STRIPE arrives to even further back her play. The ISA members escape with the codes and Pat escorts the team to his garage.

In the final wrap up moments. Pat and Stargirl have a chat. Courtney is having the same frustrations with the team that Pat is having with her. They kind of find a common ground. Pat offers to train the team and let the team see how useful Pat is. Back at the ISA, Jordan is holding court with the ISA members. They are all discussing who the new members of the JSA are. Jordan tells them they need to find out who they are and they need to get Brainwave back if their ultimate plan is going to work!

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#4 Courtney vs Sportsmaster and TigressGeorge Phillies 2020-06-30 11:24
She seems to have forgotten that her staff is a ranged weapon. When the two dummies were standing there right next to each other not moving, she needed to give them the 'it slags down a car' attack.
#3 RE: Justice Society RecapLibertyPrime 2020-06-25 10:34
They are making it so easy to hate the bad guys! :lol:

The New JSA really needed to have their butts handed to them. It's a rite of passage for any superhero.

Courtney's frustration at not being listened to and Pat's "sympathy" were hilarious and emotionally honest at the same time. I like watching their relationship evolve.
+1 #2 RE: Justice Society Recapmuckle9999 2020-06-24 08:41
Quoting CatPat:
Rick is a bit annoying and needs to dial it back a bit.

Well, after the new JSA"s first mission where they got their feet wet and nearly drowned, I think Rick and everyone else is on the same page now. With Pat leading the way I feel that the JSA will become a very formidable team. This was a fine and daddy episode and look for another one next week.
#1 RE: Justice Society RecapCatPat 2020-06-23 18:37
Rick is a bit annoying and needs to dial it back a bit.

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