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After the events of last week's Stargirl, The JSA could really use a big win in their corner. The loss of a potential and extremely power ally has landed heavy on the team. This week, Courtney is troubled by a new strange visitor from her past and an old friend of Stripesy's finally is able to come and ask for the aid he so desperately needs. Today we got definitive answers on who the Janitor is, what has been done to him and finally who is Courtney's real father! This episode pulled at the heart strings yet again with emotionally charged moments between Pat and Courtney as well as Justin the Janitor! Only two episodes remain in season one, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Horses: We catch up immediately with Justin the Janitor looking at the horses. He's trying to find his horse but he is chased away by the rancher. Catching a look at the American flag, Justin remembers that he saw Stripsey and he begins to seek him out. We cut to Courtney's father arriving at Courtney's house. It isn't Starman. Barbara, Pat and Courtney discuss the murder of Henry Jr. Barbara, now knowing the secrets, is working on the team now.
  2. Courtney's Dad: Courtney can't handle that Sam is her father. She was so convinced that Starman was her dad, her confidence is shattered. If she isn't Starman's daughter, then she is responsible for Henry Jr. and Joey's deaths. Mike comes in to get answers but he is so fully in the dark. Pat yells at him and Pat realizes what he's been doing to Mike. Downstairs, Barbara and Sam talk. Sam says he's here to get to know his daughter before it's too late. The pair head out for a walk.
  3. Shining Knight: Justin makes it back to his janitor's closet. He has an ad that Pat put in the paper. Justin knows that he is at The Pit Stop. Courtney and Sam share a walk and Sam tells her a memory that Courtney shares. This is more proof that Sam is her real dad. At the Pit Stop, Beth and Rick are working on Rick's dad's diary. Justin finally makes it to the Pit Stop but his memories are so damaged he sees The Dragon King instead. Pat is able to talk him down. Pat can finally help Justin regain his memories.
  4. Brainwave: With his full memories restored, Brainwave goes to Icicle. He tells him who Stargirl is. He wants to kill Pat and Courtney but Icicle's feelings for Barbara cause hesitation. Brainwave reveals that killing his son has given him more power. He can now reach half of America, not just six states. Brainwave then tells Icicle to make up his mind fast or he'll do it for him. Pat shows Justin a photo of their old team. Pat asks Justin to tell him the story of how he got Excalibur. It turns out that Sir Justin was trailing Dragon King after his old team broke up. He was going to kill Dragon King but he was captured and reprogrammed like Dragon King does. They made him a janitor to shame him. Pat takes Justin back home. They believe now that the ISA is planning a mass reprogramming. Barbara sets up Justin in the guest room.
  5. Dirt Bag Dad: Turns out that Courtney's dad is a turd. He's there for money. He asks for Courtney's locket back so he can sell them and get a place. Courtney buys into the garbage her dad is selling and gives him the locket. Once he's got it, he is already headed out the door. Pat offers to let Courtney yell at him or whatever else she needs. She realizes that Pat has been more of a dad to her than anyone and goes for the hug. Barbara catches the two hugging and smiles. Pat goes to catch up with Sam and knocks the shit out him!!! Courtney goes to touch the staff but it doesn't work. Courtney's will is what can power the staff but she has been shaken to her core with her dad showing up.
  6. Playing IT with Icicle: Jordan goes to see what is on Barbara's computer. She's deleted her history but Icicle's IT restores it. Back at school, Courtney goes to tell the team that she isn't Stargirl. The Staff won't work for her anymore. At a memorial for Henry Jr., Brainwave gives a speech on behalf of his son. The JSA is in the audience. They all sit worried. Brainwave reaches out to Courtney blaming her for the death of his son. He dares them to come at him. Courtney in a panic heads home. She needs the staff to work so she can protect the town and her fellow JSA members. Pat gives her a pep talk. "Heroes can come from anywhere". Courtney is left alone to consider how to use the staff, instead she comes up and asks for both Barbara and Pat to join her. With the support of both her mom and step-dad, the staff is activated and begins to glow brighter than we'ver ever seen. Stargirl returns!

With the ISA and JSA knowing who each other are, there's nothing left to do but fight! In the final moments, Icicle green lights the murder of all the Dugans and Whitmores! Even Mike, "we don't want a legacy running around do we?" Season finale part 1 is next!

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+1 #8 RE: Shining Knight RecapLibertyPrime 2020-07-30 14:23
This was light on the action and effects, but I was still riveted. The writing was so good. The performances, especially Brec's, were top notch. You can see the moment where she gives up on Sam.

IMO, Stargirl is blowing the doors off of other CW superhero shows in almost every department. Is it too much to hope that maybe they will up their game a bit when production resumes?

Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing Courtney lead the fight against the ISA and Myriad Project New America. ;-)
+3 #7 RE: Shining Knight Recapmuckle9999 2020-07-29 14:36
I was just thinking about Cameron and what role, if any, he plays in the finale. Several episodes back he did use his ice breath to blow out the anniversary cake candle. I guess time is running out this season for him to develop his ice breath to be used for good or evil. And I agree that Mike may be the wild card when it's all said and done.
#6 RE: Shining Knight RecapCatPat 2020-07-29 10:00
In many ways this rpiside pushed character development, although it was not one of my overall favorites.
+1 #5 RE: Shining Knight RecapStewart 2020-07-29 07:11
Something else I need to say here: Brec Bassinger hit it out of the park in this episode! She showed how great an actress she really is; Brec nailed every scene she was in. Like Melissa Benoist did in the "Falling" episode of Supergirl.

"There has to be a weak link somewhere in the ISA's chain of command."

Actually, come to think of it, we've already seen the "weak link", or at least one of them: Jordan's feelings for Barbara. Maybe, at the end, he can't bring himself to finish off Barbara (like Brainwave wants him to). And that may somehow bring about (indirectly) the beginning of the collapse of the ISA's entire plan.
+2 #4 RE: Shining Knight RecapMike 2020-07-28 21:19
Quoting Stewart:
Anyone else think that Mike is going to end up playing a crucial role in the defeat of the ISA? So far, he's been practically a superfluous character, and I can't help but wonder why he's even in the show. It seems to me that the writers must have "something big" planned for him in the final two episodes...

My guess is he'll end up using the 'pen' (the most dangerous item of the JSA) somehow. It's been Chekhov'ing in the pen holder all season, so it's got to go off at some point.
#3 RE: Shining Knight Recapmuckle9999 2020-07-28 18:32
I thought the show did a good job dotting the eyes and crossing the tees in this episode which is setting up for a bang up finale.
It appears that the JSA isn't really ready for the showdown with Sir Justin still confused and Rick not making any headway with his dad's journal. The cosmic staff is brighter then ever before and Courtney had a smile from ear to ear. Poor Mike still doesn't know what's flying.
#2 SynopsisRobertAnthony 2020-07-28 18:01
Poor Courtney...the truth has finally come out...and does it ever hurt!

That pendant connection is like that of when Mary Bromfield found out she had a twin brother in Billy Batson from a two halves of a pendant given to them by a dying elderly lady. Of course they became Shazam and Mary Shazam (nee Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel)

Courtney's dad is a turd.

There's a stronger word I would use, but modesty forbids.

Brainwave is on an evil hatred level like that of Arrow's Damian Dahrk. And more and more I am convinced Project New America is something I read about on sites like Infowars where big tech outlets like Google and Microsoft want to control our lives through technology and anyone who speaks out against it is censored or worse.

For Justin or Shining Knight, it's not easy to get back into the game. Incredible backstory on Justin

Pat goes to catch up with Sam and knocks the shit out him!

Pat and Courtney hug and Barbara sees it...the family is linked.

With the support of both her mom and step-dad, the staff is activated and begins to glow brighter than we've ever seen. Stargirl returns!

But now it's 12 hours to doomsday...and the JSA might not be ready as part 1 of the two part season one finale gets underway.
+1 #1 Re: Sining Knight RecapStewart 2020-07-27 17:11
Anyone else think that Mike is going to end up playing a crucial role in the defeat of the ISA? So far, he's been practically a superfluous character, and I can't help but wonder why he's even in the show. It seems to me that the writers must have "something big" planned for him in the final two episodes. Maybe Mike suddenly figures out what's going on (almost too late), and then shows up at the last minute. Maybe his abrupt arrival on the scene distracts Icicle and/or Brianwave just at the moment when they were getting ready to finish Courtney off, and buys enough time for the rest of the JSA to show up. I'm also thinking that since Pat seems to be "the brains of the operation" for the JSA, he's going to be one who zeroes in on the ISA's "critical weakness" (in other words, their Achilles' heel). And Sir Justin may play a part in that, too. There has to be a weak link somewhere in the ISA's chain of command.Well, we'll see , I suppose.
Anyway, I was partially right about Henry, Jr. He did finally realize that Courtney was right, and come around to the JSA's side, but I certainly wasn't expecting him to get killed in action before the season finale!

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