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Well there isn't a whole lot of new content from these four brand new photos from Stargirl's eight episode titled "Shiv Part 2" but from what we do see, there looks like there could be big repercussions! The most glaring photo that stands out to us is that Courtney is in the hospital! Something must happen to her between the last episode or even this episode that puts her there? Did Shiv beat up Stargirl? Next, it looks like Pat Dugan is going to have a mission with Anjelika Washington's Beth Chapel. What brings these two together and puts them on a mission? Who is that woman with them? Very interesting and we're sure more photos will be released later on. We'll add them here. For now, check out the gallery below:

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+1 #1 RE: Shiv Part 2 Gallerykdogg87 2020-06-24 17:09
Honestly makes me look forward to the preceding episode, more. Means the action will be good, and have stakes for Stargirl. They've been planting seeds since "Icicle" that the staff is not immune to damage. It stopped working after taking damage when facing both Icicle and Sportsmaster. I'm curious if something happens to it that injures Courtney's hands.

Also nice if the villains are taking advantage of the glaring weakness...that without the staff, Stargirl has no superpowers. Threatening and dangerous enemies make for good action and drama.

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