Shiv Part 2 Recap

Stargirl fans left last week with their jaws on the floor. We last saw Courtney unconscious and in the arms of her step father, Pat Dugan. Shiv really did a number on Courtney and we know from preview images that she ends up in the hospital needing special care for her wounds after her bout with Shiv. This week, we are already wondering, how will Pat explain to Barbara that Courtney is in the hospital? Will Stargirl recover quickly from her injuries? What will the new JSA do without their leader? Does Pat come clean to Barbara about who he is and what he and Courtney have been up to? All questions answered in today's all new episode of Stargirl, here's what stood out to us!

  1. Crashing a Classic: Pat needs to come up with a reason why Courtney is in the hospital, the only thing he can think of is crashing his classic car to fake a car accident and then admitting Courtney to the hospital. After, we see Jordan and Barbara having an intimate dinner at a hotel out of town. Jordan doesn't overstep and leaves to visit "an old friend" that he promised to see. Pat calls Barbara home to visit Courtney who's now waking up in the hospital. Courtney is shocked to hear the lengths that Pat went to to protect her. Pat sidelines Courtney and is determined find out more about Cindy Burman.
  2. Shiv's Mistake: Shiv thinks that she should be rewarded for her win against Stargirl but Dragon King sets her in her place. She didn't kill Stargirl, she took her graduation uniform without asking, and she stole Dragon King's staff. Now the Dragon King has to explain his daughter's actions to the greater ISA. Being shut down like this pauses Cindy's resolve to tell the ISA who Stargirl is. Back at the Pit Stop, the JSA is panicking with resolve to help Courtney and even the odds. Beth is able to talk Rick down and comes up with a plan to investigate Cindy.
  3. Pat Talks to the Staff: Pat has never had the ability to wield the Cosmic Staff but he does go to plead with it to protect Courtney rather than help her run head first into danger. Pat goes to tell Barbara the truth but she is exhausted from her trip to Oakville. They sideline the talk for the morning. Jordan visits Mr. Riley who was an executive at a chemical company that poisoned Jordan's wife. Jordan kills Mr. Riley for his part in Jordan's wife's death.
  4. Brainwave Jr. Emerges: Henry's powers are manifesting quite prominently and the pain from it is too much. Looking for medication in his father's office, Henry discovers he can move things with his mind! Pat finds Yolanda and Rick at Cindy's place and Pat goes to intercept Beth and the pair get pulled into the Burman residence. Meanwhile, Cindy goes to visit Courtney. Both know each other's second identity, but, neither know that the other knows. They keep up the pretense until Cindy calls out Courtney for being Stargirl. Back at Cindy's home, Beth is able to find a way into the ISA tunnels. Cindy is headed back to her home while Pat and Beth are still there. They need to get out before Cindy arrives home. Beth is able to find a photo of Cindy's dad before she escapes with the help of Wildcat.
  5. Stargirl vs Shiv Round 2: When Courtney fears that her friends are in danger, hurt or not, she goes to fight on their behalf! Meanwhile, Henry Jr. discovers his father's secrets. He learns that his relationship with Cindy was prearranged by Dragon King. Courtney flies straight into Cindy's room to fight. Henry arrives to confront Cindy and interrupts the fight between Shiv and Stargirl. Henry hears the thoughts of the two girls and he stops the girls from fighting. Dragon King's minions capture Cindy and take her into the tunnels. Henry doesn't understand what is happening and reads Courtney's thoughts. Does he really know who Courtney is?

Whew, that was a whirlwind part 2! Every episode leaves us on the edge of our seats! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum! Follow us on Twitter to get breaking news!

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#5 RE: Shiv Part 2 Recapmuckle9999 2020-07-08 12:46
Quoting LibertyPrime:
Courtney's face perfectly expressed my feelings during Cindy's visit! :cry: :o :eek:

Poor Pat. He's trying so hard to do right.

I agree with Alex; the JSA is kind of a mess right now. Looking forward to seeing how they all come together and step it up.

How about the look of horror on Cindy's face when dad threatened to take his hood off. It seems that Pat is trying to people please everyone and that never works out. Looking forward to when he comes clean to Barbara. Wilson plays his character really well with top notch acting every episode. I hope he fixes the Buick by episode 11. :eek:
#4 RE: Shiv Part 2 RecapLibertyPrime 2020-07-08 11:18
Courtney's face perfectly expressed my feelings during Cindy's visit! :cry: :o :eek:

Poor Pat. He's trying so hard to do right.

I agree with Alex; the JSA is kind of a mess right now. Looking forward to seeing how they all come together and step it up.
#3 RE: Shiv Part 2 Recapmuckle9999 2020-07-07 18:30
I thought this episode fell flat compared to others. I don't think I ever recovered when Pat crashed his Buick into the pole. Hoping for better next week.
#2 I have a question...RobertAnthony 2020-07-07 17:11
Will one of the offspring of the ISA do a face turn as they say in pro wrestling and join the new JSA? If any of them, who? Hoping for Brainwave, Jr or Icicle's son.
#1 RE: Shiv Part 2 RecapAlex 2020-07-06 22:02
Pretty sure Jr knows who she is. Pretty site as well Stargirl needs to stop going at Shiv Aline. Clearly out classed. The whole team really needs to pull it together since as it stands now the ISA will make short work of them. Great action scenes and enjoying the storyline so far. Gonna be awkward back as the school now I suppose.

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