Stargirl Cast Returns to Atlanta For Season 2

When it comes to Stargirl, there is a lot to love! The series was heralded as a huge success with it's first season being shown on both DC Universe and The CW. Now that the show is solely on The CW, the potential for even higher ratings success is 100% on the rise! But that's not all that we are loving about Stargirl, for us, its such a joy to see how these incredibly talented young actors behave around each other off screen. In her story on Instagram, Anjelika Washington aka Dr Midnite herself, shared a few fun images of the cast reuniting in Atlanta that made us smile (something this show is very good at making us do). While there remain many unknowns for season 2, like who will play Shade and what new members of the JSA might show up, one thing is clear, this cast is having a blast and is such a joy to be around!

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#1 RE: Stargirl Cast Returns to Atlanta For Season 2CatPat 2020-10-27 09:18
Looking forward to S2!

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