Stargirl is Pushed Back Again

When will this show debut! You may have noticed in our previous article there is a little frustration in finding out when this show will air. Today, we have bad news. It seems like this show will be delayed a second time! Fans may remember when the show was originally announced at 2018 San Diego Comic Con (over a year ago), the show was supposed to start around August of 2019. It would follow up the completion of Titans season two. Since then, we know there was a reshuffle. Harley Quinn was announced and Titans season 2 had some production issues. All the while, Stargirl was on course to wrap filming in early September (which it did). With episodes already completed it would have been easy to keep the show's debut in August... but that didn't happen.

With the reshuffle of shows, it was forgivable that the show was pushed to January 2020 to accommodate more shows and new content. Now, via YSBNow podcast, series lead Brec Bassinger has gone on record saying the show is delayed again! An official release date is not known but the actor's current speculation is now sometime in Spring 2020! The rumors surrounding the show's move to The CW (being stated as "inaccurate") and our own inside sources saying the show is being edited to fit broadcast television certainly seem to hint that there is something going on with the show and how DC Executives want to debut it. Will Stargirl pivot to become something for network TV? Will DC Universe subscribers be able to watch on their app? For now, all we can do is wait. has reached out to official sources for comment. As of now, Warner Brothers has not released a statement.

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#1 RE: Stargirl is Pushed Back Againkdogg87 2019-11-08 21:59
This is severely disappointing news. This screams of red flags. I wonder if they don't have confidence in the product. If it's truly going to air on the app, there is no other reason for this. Or, like you said, they are try ok eng to air it somewhere else. Either way, this doesn't bode well for the show. Its doubtful to get a second season if it doesn't air in the near future. Actors can't wait forever to see if they still have a job. And Warner can't really blame actors for moving on to different projects. Your next paycheck is never a guarantee, and they must get it wherever they can.

I was really looking forward to this show, but all this delay really worries me.

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