Stargirl's "Icicle" Recap

Everyone is talking about Stargirl and for good reason! The show's quality in filming, storytelling, and mystery-building has left fans viewing on The CW drooling for more! DC Universe fans are also praising the show for its balanced approach at superhero storytelling and paying homage to the golden age of superheroes. Today, the world of Courtney Whitemore was introduced to Icicle, who made a very chilling and terrifying entrance into Blue Valley! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Icicle's Origin: Just like any good superhero, a supervillain needs a good origin story. Eight years ago, we are introduced to Icicle's family. His wife is dying. She shares a final goodbye with her artist son and then Jordan (aka Icicle) goes to say goodbye to his wife one last time. Her dying message to him was to never stop his mission, let no one stand in his way. She literally tells him to destroy anyone who tries to stop him.
  2. Present Day: Courtney is still laser focused on finding the ISA. Pat continues to advise caution. Pat says part of being a superhero is majoritively not being a superhero. We cut to Brainwave's hospital room where Henry Jr. may or may not have moved a coffee cup with his mind. Jordan is there to check up on Brainwave. Jordan calls The Wizard who is dodging his calls. He was left in charge of the ISA while Jordan was gone.
  3. Blue Valley High: At the school, all the students are looking at the school sign that was destroyed in the battle with Brainwave. Courtney is approached by The Wizard's son who performs a magic trick for her. He gets it wrong but Courtney hides that fact and acts impressed. At the hospital, Pat is checking in on Brainwavem making sure that he's still unconscious. We learn that Pat and Courtney didn't leave him at the hospital, The Wizard did it and changed his clothes. Pat knows now that he wasn't alone now. More ISA are in Blue Valley. Icicle confronts The Wizard at his home and decisively regains control of the ISA. They are trying to complete a project called "New America".
  4. The American Dream: The company that Barbara is working for is being run by the ISA. Jordan is actually in charge, not The Gambler. Barbara speaks out about the project. She doesn't want 208 Main Street to close. It was a community theater they were going to tear down for more real-estate, Barbara convinces Jordan to keep it. At school, Courtney stands up for Yolanda but Yolanda tells her not to. A new painting has appeared on Yolanda's locker. Courtney meets Cameron in math class and the two share a little moment. He was the one who painted Yolanda's locker.
  5. A Message Sent and Received: Icicle sends a message to Stargirl by freezing a part of a field in a star shape. Courtney races home to tell Pat about the star. She convinces Pat to go along and the pair run right into Icicle. STRIPE is frozen in place. Back home Barbara comes home for family dinner but Pat and Courtney aren't there. Icicle takes a sniper shot at Stargirl but Pat is able to fire his fist at him to stop him from killing her. Icicle lands on a bridge where he freezes the bridge and a school bus which almost falls into the river but STRIPE pushes it back. Stargirl uses the staff to blind the kids so they don't see STRIPE. In a shocking move, Icicle then uses a truck driving by to kill The Wizard's son.

In the end of the episode. Courtney and Pat debrief on how dangerous Icicle is. He kills whenever it suits him. Pat takes Courtney to the headquarters of the JSA. He shows her how impressive the JSA was but they all died at the hands of the ISA. Courtney comes up with the idea to replace the JSA with new members. Pat thinks he's made it clear they won't be doing anymore Stargirl and STRIPE. The Wizard goes to confront Icicle about killing his son. The Wizard brings out his wand ready to fight but Icicle quickly freezes him to death!!! Jordan's parents quickly offer to clean up the mess. We learn decisively that the painter boy that Courtney talked to is Icicle's son. Courtney then flies back to the JSA headquarters and takes all the hero artifacts! She's going to do some recruiting!

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#8 RE: Stargirl's "Icicle" RecapAlex 2020-06-03 21:53
Quoting RobertAnthony:

I am hoping this does not signal the start of blurring the lines the way Supergirl has done in seasons 3 and 4.

Blurring lines?
#7 RE: Stargirl's "Icicle" RecapLibertyPrime 2020-06-03 09:02
So far, so good. Icicle is a great villain!

Curious to see how they balance screen time with the new recruits.
#6 RE: Stargirl's "Icicle" Recapmuckle9999 2020-06-03 08:12
Well, that makes three in a row of good stuff. I'm curious about the kid at the losers table in episode one. When Courtney was told that it was the losers table he said speak for yourself and walked away. I didn't see him in Episode two but he was in last night's episode. He was drinking in front of the billboard when Courtney walked by and then left. My question is why are they showing him and is it possible that he's going to be recruited by Courtney?
#5 RE: Stargirl's "Icicle" RecapCatPat 2020-06-02 18:08
I can see Beth/Dr. Mid-Nite being a big break out character as the show evolves.
+1 #4 RE: Stargirl's "Icicle" RecapCatPat 2020-06-02 18:06
I didn't expect Wizard Jr to get killed. I think he would have fit in nicely as part of a new junior JSA.

So is the Icicle's son an ally to Courtney?
#3 New AmericaRobertAnthony 2020-06-02 17:21
Hmm...sounds like some kind of New World Order danger...only the villains are the ones that want it on this show and it's up to Stargirl and the new JSA to end this.

I am hoping this does not signal the start of blurring the lines the way Supergirl has done in seasons 3 and 4.
#2 The irony in the musicRobertAnthony 2020-06-02 17:17
Few weeks ago, Little Richard, one of the founding fathers of rock and roll and its most colorful, passed on and on Blue Valley's oldies station, what's on "The Girl Can't Help It" the title track from the wild 1956 film starring Jayne Mansfield.

And...given how Blue Valley is assumed to be near Omaha like National City is to San Diego, CA, there is at least one oldies...or classic hits station there. The stations are KIBM 1490 and sister station KOBM-FM at 97.3, along with three repeater stations. Its nickname...Boomer Radio.

According at least to Wikipedia, there are 10 oldies/classic hits stations in Nebraska.
+2 #1 DCU version = about 43-44 min so CW should be the same this week.john29 2020-06-01 15:29
on DCU Ep 3 was about 43-44 minutes. Since CW and many other stations have not much new or good content to advertise on this summer, I always figured CW would place at least 17 minutes of ads in the Stargirl show. And they have. So I knew DCU version would be different as long as it was a lot longer than 43 minutes.

So for week 3 the CW and DCU versions should be pretty much the same unless CW packs even more ads in.

Ep 3 Icicle was excellent best one yet IMO and I hope DCU maintains full control of this show and does not let CW ruin it like CW has all the other potentially good super hero shows.

PS. I am watching Stargirl on DCU because I refuse to cater to CW ads. I got the first 3 episode free by getting 2 DCU 7 day free trials first on ROKU and then on DCU. I will keep DCU for 3 months and be very happy viewing their ad less version and cancel it. The 3 months gives me time to catch up on some old fav DCU TV shows of mine - Lois and Clark, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

Enjoy this Icicle episode. Time to go recruiting after this. JSA vs ISA starts to heat up with the possibility of ISA parents and their children being on opposite sides.


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