Stargirl's "Shiv Part 1" Recap

The New JSA has arrived and in good time too. The ISA has stolen a satellite dish and after last week, they've take the codes to activate it as well! Pat sees that Courtney's new recruits aren't going to stop but the team has found a new respect for Pat seeing what he could build to help protect the team. This week, it's time to practice and train. The team needs to know how to use each other's abilities to make coordinated attacks that will set the ISA off their feet. The only issue standing in the way of team growth ... Cindy Burman, here's what stood out to us this episode:

  1. A Team With Purpose: We open with the JSA individually celebrating their excitement about being a superhero. The Whitmore family is experiencing a bit of a strain with Courtney and Pat keeping the superhero business to themselves. It's pitting Pat against Barbara and Mike against Courtney. Cindy goes to visit Henry at the hospital. She wants him to take her to the homecoming dance but he is just worried about his dad.
  2. Losers to Heroes: The New JSA all gather together at school with smiles on their faces excited to train. Cindy Burman walks through the group disrupting their vibe. Beth notes that Cindy was a happy kid until her mom died in 4th grade. Meanwhile, Jordan and Barbara plan a business trip out of town. Cindy knocks down the janitor's broomstick and Courtney picks it up for him. Just who is this Janitor? In his office we see a horse calendar and a beautiful sword. In class, Courtney pairs up with Cindy to do the cloud experiment. To Courtney's surprise, Cindy can do the whole experiment on her own without reading the instructions. Also in another class, Henry starts hearing the answers to the test he is taking from the other classmates. Cindy invites Courtney to hang out instead of going to the dance. Courtney agrees but also notes that Cindy already has her number without giving it to her.
  3. A Puppet Mom: Cindy's step-mother is some kind of drone or puppet. Cindy treats her like garbage. Cindy unlocks a secret room in her home and we see that she has access to the ISA headquarters. She knows everything. For training, Pat has two goals, knowing what they can do and knowing what the ISA can do. Pat has set up mannequins that resemble people from the ISA, it's a little rough but the team is ready to trust him. The ISA is trying to find the JSA. Cindy hears about Stargirl. During training, Courntey gets impatient and shows off what she can do by taking out all the mannequins. She's upset the team because her stubbornness has robbed the team of practice time.
  4. Shiv Appears: In the ISA headquarters, Cindy has a tantrum and kills a drone. We learn that she killed her real mother when she was young. Cindy and Courtney share a parallel journey. They both think they are ready but both Dragon King and Pat tell them they aren't. Their stubbornness will get them both in trouble. At the Mahkent family home, Cameron asks his dad, Jordan about how to ask out a girl. Jordan is a very good father and really gives great advice.
  5. Homecoming Football Game: At the game, Pat goes to get snacks and Mike expresses his unhappiness that Pat and Courtney have this bond. Cameron finds Courtney alone and decides to ask her to the dance. Courtney is smitten and wants to go to the dance. She realizes she has plans with Cindy that she has to cancel so she can go to the dance. Courtney goes to break off the plans and Cindy doesn't take it well. Courtney, being stubborn again, goes to prove that her principal is the new Fiddler. Courtney sees the secret passageway and suits up to go follow. Courtney has made it into the ISA underground base. Cindy, being yet again upset to be ditched, goes on a temper tantrum into the ISA headquarters. She sees that Stargirl is in the bunker as well and she suits up in her Shiv outfit.
  6. Stargirl vs. Shiv: Bringing down Stargirl might be a way to get a seat on the ISA board, so Shiv goes to attack. Stargirl blasts Shiv with a mega-hit but her face auto heals. The two go toe-to-toe in the most awesome 360 fight scene we've ever seen. Just when Cindy is about to go for the killing blow, the Janitor shows up with his sword to save her. Cindy wakes up first but hears Pat yelling for Courtney. The girls now know each other's identity. Pat sees Courtney passed out and knows he has to get her to the hospital. The Janitor sees who comes for Courtney and recognizes Stripesy, could is memory be returning?

This episode ended very fast-paced which is why it is a two-parter! Stay tuned until next week for Shiv Part 2!

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+1 #8 RE: Stargirl's "Shiv Part 1" Recapmuckle9999 2020-07-05 16:14
Quoting Mike:
Quoting Stewart:
By the way, any theories as to who the Janitor really is?

I think he's the original Fiddler. Pat (I think it was) said in an earlier episode that the Fiddler was an Irishman, and the Janitor sounds Irish. I assume something happened to him in the past and the principal took his fiddle. Maybe she's his daughter or something. Not sure what the deal is with the sword in the closet though.

Well, we know that he warned Beth that there are dragons is the water a few episodes back. We also know that he called Courtney my lady and then saved her life with the sword. And he knows Pat is Stripesy I think he's Dr. Fate. 8)
+1 #7 RE: Stargirl's "Shiv Part 1" RecapMike 2020-07-02 21:39
Quoting Stewart:
By the way, any theories as to who the Janitor really is?

I think he's the original Fiddler. Pat (I think it was) said in an earlier episode that the Fiddler was an Irishman, and the Janitor sounds Irish. I assume something happened to him in the past and the principal took his fiddle. Maybe she's his daughter or something. Not sure what the deal is with the sword in the closet though.
#6 RE: Stargirl's "Shiv Part 1" RecapStewart 2020-07-01 17:46
Last night's episode was "up a small amount in viewers" - always a good thing!

"The CW's Stargirl was likewise even in the demo at 0.2 and up a small amount in viewers at 1.01 million. "

Being a science teacher myself, I had to laugh at the "chemistry experiment" sequence. Hey, writers - "sodium chloride" may sound exotic to some, but it's actually plain old ordinary table salt! And no, it's not going to react like that with hydrogen peroxide . You can try it yourself :-)

Also, very few science teachers wear jackets and ties in public school classrooms today (especially on days when they work on lab experiments). Yes, I know the 'jacket and tie guy" in late middle age is the Hollywood stereotype, but it's not at all accurate today. Most of my colleagues are young women who still dress the way they did in college. (Lots of brightly-colored T-shirts and athletic shoes.)
Here you go, screenwriters - here's a typical high school science teacher today:

By the way, any theories as to who the Janitor really is?
+1 #5 RE: Stargirl's "Shiv Part 1" RecapLibertyPrime 2020-07-01 14:38
I was particularly impressed by how they intertwined the stories of Courtney and Cindy, showing the two on a collision course with somewhat similar motivations.

There has been a surprising (and welcome) amount of nuance in the writing so far.
+3 #4 RE: Stargirl's "Shiv Part 1" RecapCatPat 2020-06-30 19:46
Good episode. Courtney may now need to accept she has a lot to learn. It looks like Pat may be putting his marriage in jeopardy by keeping his wife in the dark about the JSA and Courtney's involvement.
+3 #3 RE: Stargirl's "Shiv Part 1" Recapmuckle9999 2020-06-30 18:58
Another good and enjoyable episode where the music was front and center in the opening scenes. It appears that Henry is getting his brain waves tuned in and we learned that Cindy is her evil father's experiment. The entire ISA are cold blooded murderers and Cindy can't wait to join up.
The fight scene was good but Stargirl lost and had to be saved by the Janitor's sword. I'm curious to know the identity of the Janitor and how he fits into the JSA.
Sooner or later Pat and Courtney will have to come clean with the family on the JSA.
+1 #2 Some takes on this episode...RobertAnthony 2020-06-30 18:01
If you can start an episode with BTO's Takin Care of know you're in for something good. Could've done though without Courtney's feminist only gripe with this episode.

Cindy Burman/Shiv is such a...a...mean girl.

The opening of the team walking through school as the opening credits ran...PERFECT THROWBACK to those old days of TV.

The janitor is a weird character...but yet plays a vital role...a sleeper character...nice.

Major Stepford Wives vibes from Cindy's stepmom.

The music madness rolled on with Eumir Deodato's version of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" when the mock ISA was unveiled...LOVED IT!!!!!

Did I already mention Cindy is such a ...a....and Dragon King is creepy.

Jordan, for such a villain as Icicle, is a somewhat good father.

There needs to be a more innovative way for Courtney to suit up

The 360 fight...Supergirl's TPTB couild learn a thing or two from that AWESOME fight.

To me last week's episode was filler...don't know why. This makes up for it.
+2 #1 RE: Stargirl's "Shiv Part 1" RecapDigging Dugan 2020-06-29 08:32
This was one of my favorite episodes. That 360 degree fight scene between Shiv and Stargirl, wow! Hope Courtney learns a good lesson from this.

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