Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 10 Recap

Pat and Barbara's choice to keep how the JSA took down Eclipso the first time has put their relationship with Courtney on very rocky ground. But, just like the heroes they are, their fight against Eclipso has not ended and while still operating at half to less than half power, the team continues to press on. Eclipso is running free with no host this time and Pat thinks that if they are able to repair the diamond and remake Eclipso's prison, they might find a way to put him back in it! But how do you repair a broken diamond? That's where Jenny comes in! Could the JSA's very own Green Lantern have the power to reform the diamond? Let's see in tonight's all new episode of Stargirl, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Decades Ago: After the horrible choice that Starman and some of the other JSA members made to kill Bruce Gordon, we join Sylvester apologizing to Pat. We learn about all the great things Pat did for Sylvester. He was there for him more than his parents were. Sylvester hopes that his actions won't divide the family bond he has with Pat. We jump to today where Courtney is giving Pat and Barbara a piece of her mind. Then, The Shade falls into the kitchen!
  2. The Shade: Mr. Swift is dangerously hurt. But he does offer a solution. Eclipso will be pulled back into the diamond if it is fused back together. The staff unfortunately isn't strong enough to do it however. At the Chapel household, Beth's parents question why she is always wearing the goggles. Beth shuts her parents down when they want to know more. If they don't want to talk about the divorce, then she doesn't have to talk about the goggles. Pat has an idea to use Jenny's ring to fuse the diamond back. While Pat and Courtney are out finding Jenny, Beth arrives to protect Barbara, Mike and The Shade.
  3. Rick In Jail: We finally catch up with Rick, he's been stuck in a cell ever since being arrested. We then see Grundy throw his friend some apples through the window! At the Dugan/Whitmore house, Beth is caught up on the situation. Courtney and Pat have a lead on Jenny because there have been a few green fires reported recently. A Federal building and an old orphanage have mysteriously burned down and the green color draws Pat and Courtney to Jenny.
  4. Original Dr. MidNite: Beth is able to get through to Dr. Midnite and we learn that The Shade actually saved Charles, not killed him. It seems to be an accident that Charles was trapped in the shadowland. We learn a lot about The Shade. He was hired to provide the Black Diamond to a cult but he provided a fake instead. The cult decided to use Swift as a sacrifice instead of pay him. They called upon the dark energy but without the real diamond, the black energy went into Swift. Thus the Shade was born. On the couch, The Shade reveals that he thinks Barbara looks like his sister, Emily. With this new connection to Charles, Beth is able to unlock all the classified files on Eclipso. Pat and Courtney arrive at the garage where he used to work. They find that Jenny has been staying there. She is trying to find her brother.
  5. Mike and STRIPE: Mike attempts to use STRIPE to provide extra protection with The Shade being there. He doesn't get it to start but does hear on the radio about pink lightning. He might be able to find the Thunderbolt. At the Helix Center, Pat and Courtney find Jenny but not her brother. We find out that Jenny is still looking for her brother but she doesn't have a great grasp of her powers yet. They are still emotionally based. Jenny agrees to help out and the three head out. Mike continues to hunt the Thunderbolt and we find out that Thunderbolt has turned a house into a gingerbread house but life size!

In the final wrap up moments, Pat exposes the pieces of the diamond for Jenny to try and reform. Jenny begins to merge the diamond back together but it is affecting The Shade. Turns out he was deceiving them and reforming the diamond gives The Shade his power back and summons Eclipso! Immediately a battle breaks out. Cosmo is of no help and Jenny steps up to stop Eclipso. She fails and Courtney is sucked into the Shadows! Check out the trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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#4 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 10 Recapmuckle9999 2021-10-13 16:40
Well, I liked this episode and especially the ending with Stargirl getting sucked into the shadow land where the lovely Cindy resides. They need to turn up the gas with these upcoming episodes. Hey, did anyone notice if Starman's watch was a Time-X. :eek:
#3 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 10 Recapmarkhb 2021-10-13 12:46
Did anyone else notice what I took as a Heroes Easter egg: the helix logo on the Helix Institute? Alas, I have it on good authority that that was entirely coincidental (and I even checked to see if Greg Beeman had directed this episode, but he hadn't). But as an old Heroes fan, it was really cool to see.

I think CW, WBTV, and HBO Max need to work out a financing plan that will allow the show to have the S1 level of effects. As it is, though, seeing the OG GL ring in use was really nice! Now we just need to get Jenny a costume....
#2 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 10 RecapCatPat 2021-10-13 10:42
Stargirl scores again. The last couple of episodes were good, but this was another great episode.

I think Shade lied because he knew they wouldn't help him get his powers back. In his mind the end justified the means. But, he did it to help fight Eclipso. I still think he is an ally to the new JSA.
#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 10 Recapkdogg87 2021-10-12 22:02
I gotta say, this slow burn just isn't doing it for me.

4th week in a row with no Stargirl action. And with how big a bad they are building Eclipso to be, they need to stick the landing. Something that gets harder and harder the more they build him up. We STILL haven't touched base on the present day Starman stinger from last season. And they said the move to being a CW exclusive wouldn't impact the production quality. But they've purposely written off Stripe, the staff's effects, and the staff's ability to fly for most of the season.

I'm glad we are getting a season 3. But honestly, if it follows this quality, my interest is waning.

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