Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 11 Recap

We may have gotten out of the Shadowlands, notice the color of our site has returned (if that isn't true for you, you might need to clear your cache, most browsers can be done holding shift and clicking refresh), but Courtney started the episode in a very unfamiliar place. She was joined by Alex Collins, Dr. Midnite (check out our interview with him here), and the missing since episode 6, Meg DeLacy's Cindy Burman. Back in our world, members of the JSA worked on trying to figure out how they could get Courtney back! Jenny is still in Blue Valley and Beth's carrying the team with her goggles being the only source of truth! A lot happened tonight as we march toward the season finale, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Not Everyone Made it Home: Pat arrives back at home without Courtney. He has to tell Barbara that Courtney has been lost in the Shadowlands. Now, in black and white, Courtney awakes in a twisted version of Blue Valley. Courtney walks into the diner and meets the Zarricks. They didn't recognize her but they all died in season 1. When Joey messes up the pick-a-card trick again, the Zarricks seem to turn on Courtney. She runs from the diner and is back at school again. At school, Courtney runs into the Bowins, both who died. Cindy finds Courtney at the school and they begin a battle in the halls. Cindy stops when she sees Courtney bleed. People don't bleed in the Shadowland. Then The Dragon King shows up. It seems like people that aren't dead have to relive and or interact with those that died.
  2. Courtney and Cindy: Back in Courtney's room, Cindy asks how did Courtney get to the Shadowlands. Cindy learned all about the Shadowlands when she was on the hidden island. The Shadowlands act like pergatory, showing you things, tormenting you. Cindy has resigned herself to this place but Courtney continues to look for a way out. The next room Courtney faces is one where her mother resents her. Cindy pulls her out of it before it goes to far. Courtney and Cindy go back and forth with the blame game. Cindy challenges Eclipso in the Shadowlands and it manifests Cindy's real mom. Cindy is pulled into the darkness and Courtney runs after her.
  3. Dr. Midnite: Wandering the darkness, Dr. Midnite finds Courtney. Dr. Midnite sees nothing but the scary darkness. As long as he has the goggles on, the vision can't get to him and that is how he's survived. He can't be tormented. He offers his goggles for Courtney to prove who he is but asks for them back quickly. He gives some advice on how to survive the Shadowlands. We cut to Beth who's in Courtney's room. Her goggles are filled with tears but she is afraid to take them off. Dr. Midnite gets through to Beth and they find out Courtney is alive, and with Dr. McNider. Jenny's ring can help them find The Shade and they believe The Shade can pull them from the Shadowlands.
  4. Rescue Plan: Jenny prepares to find The Shade. Her ring manifests a map of Blue Valley. The Shade seems to be in two places at once. Dr. McNider speaks on how he survived so long in the Shadowland and shares his hope for getting out with The Shade's help. The Shade once came to Dr. Midnite after the death of his daughter to apologize for not dealing with Eclipso beforehand. Beth and Jenny head to one location and Barbara and Pat check out the other. One place must have The Shade. Pat and Barbara find The Shade in a movie theater. He can't heal as he once did. Pat and Barbara demand The Shade help get Courtney back. A heart felt plea from Barbara gets the Shade to assist. Courtney and Dr. Midnite would be free but Courtney won't leave without Cindy. She goes to find her and is separated from Dr. Midnite and finds young Bruce Gordon instead.
  5. Cindy's Suffering: Cindy is reliving her parents treatment while young Bruce shows Courtney all the lives she's ruined. Courtney is taken on a tour of all that Eclipso has done to her. Normally Eclipso can't get to Courtney with the staff, but he has her in the Shadowland. Young Bruce bets Courtney isn't revealing that she hates him.

In the final wrap up moments, Courtney and Dr. Midnite are able to find Cindy. Courtney can't be affected by the visions if she ignores them. She grabs Dr. Midnite, Cindy and they head for The Shade's exit. All three make it out just as The Shade collapses from exhaustion. The Shade had no idea Dr. Midnite was in there. The Shade asks that they speak of him well in his death and he fades into the darkness. We aren't sure if he's really dead. Check out the trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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#3 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 11 RecapCatPat 2021-10-20 19:25
If the Shade was in two places, does that mean part of him is still alive?

Can't wait to see Beth's reaction to "Chuck" in the flesh.

Strong episode.
#2 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 11 RecapDigging Dugan 2021-10-20 19:22
This show never disappoints. Also thought the black and white was fun
#1 RE: Stargirl's Summer School Chapter 11 Recapmuckle9999 2021-10-20 11:50
This was an okay episode. Hoping they take the engine out of neutral and step on the gas for next week. I miss the musical intro and Rick and Yolanda.

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